Russian can like it, even if you’re not a Troll

World politics, politics of Finland and the balance of political forces in Finland are reflected in the country’s media. Media reports, in turn, affect the thinking and talking of the Finns.

In his article I’m not going to talk about politics, I will not speak about his attitude to the West or East. Well, if only indirectly. I will speak about people.

Politics is present in thoughts, articles and even affect the attitude to all the people. Criticizing the policy of Russia and its political leaders often criticize and Russian.

Racism in Finland is condemned, and rightly so. Racism politicians and cultural figures, workers and the unemployed, the elderly and children.

However, a terrifyingly large number of Finnish media allow on their pages, especially in the comments of racist attacks in the Russian side. This occurs often because in Finland from generation to generation Russophobia.

It is not difficult to find comments that border on incitement against any ethnic group. However, it seems that if similar comments were made about other people, but not Russian, then you would expect problems.

About a year much discussed topic trolls. In the Finnish media trolls — almost always those readers who are positive in their comments about Russia. This concept has spread so that virtually everyone who questioned the negative view of Russian, you call a Troll. So here we have freedom of speech.

I personally know several Russians. We found a common language.

With Russians and Russian culture you should get to know, especially if they seem strange or even frightening. It is easy to notice that much difference between us. We are all human beings, with their cultural characteristics.

An objective attitude and to himself, and to the person of another culture or another country is very important.

Those in power change but people, nevertheless, remain human beings. Of course, all do not have to adore the Russian culture and Russian, but stick to objective views.

Juha Nummela (Juha Nummela), the reader Kansan Uutiset from Lahti