The licence for the elimination of Assad and Putin

Moscow is firmly convinced: the United States and other countries have no right to conduct military operations in Syria against ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) without a license from Assad. Even if ISIL is committing in their attacks and fired them as he 11 APR fired at Israel. Fired, despite the fact that IDF strikes in Syria, only Hizbollah (Party of Allah), but not ISIS.

This is the position of the Kremlin and Assad. Each hit of Israel on Hezbollah they call an act of aggression against Syria. In Moscow terms, if the IDF strikes on ISIS, it will also be the aggressor. Assad has called the attack on Syria airstrike of the Iraqi army by ISIS in Syria in response to its attacks in Baghdad. ISIS under the patronage of Moscow has become something of a beast of the “red book”, a license to shoot which only gives Assad with the approval of the Kremlin, warning all hunters: without coordination with Moscow have won’t work. Why not come — Moscow does not explain, but you have to understand that between her and the “Islamic state” is a kind of transcendental connection, as between her and the people’s States of Donetsk and Lugansk.

For this reason, Israel has not entered into a coalition against ISIL in order not to give Moscow friends to call her a tool of the Zionists. Israel for 70 years, tired of the discussion, someone who wants to discharge into the sea and where in Judea, the Palestinians, and the Assad him a license to shoot ISIS ever will. In addition, the problem appeared by itself: ISIS declared war on Israel, but instead invaded Iraq. So Israel’s illegal sometimes shoots in Syria ISIS and no license to hunt there for Hezbollah, which also is no license for war in Syria. Atheist Assad is officially the Party of God were not invited, and the Iranian “revolutionary Guards” are also fighting without a license in the name of the dictatorship of the mullahs. Under license from Assad in Syria is fighting only Moscow than very proud. But now Moscow, as shown by the correspondence of Jones and Klintsevich, tangled up in her fantasies, what she’s doing in Syria.

The British foreign Secretary Boris Jones (Johnson — approx. ed.) of April 14 published an article in which they urged Russia to join the coalition against ISIS and at the same time called Assad a “toxic arch-terrorist”. Toxic — not only because of chemical weapons, but also because the Coalition of revolutionary and opposition forces in Syria persuaded, finally, several countries in the West and the East to help her to bury Assad without honors. Therefore, friendship with Assad contagious and toxic. The decision about the funeral of Assad accepted and non-negotiable, what Jones publicly advised the Kremlin and advised to stand on the side of good. In the Kremlin, according to custom, “included a fool” and answered via Franz Klintsevich: is not Russia should join the Western coalition in Syria, and Vice versa. Regarding Assad pretended not to understand Jones. The official answer is, Klintsevich — not just a recruiter of Russians in the DNI and LC, and the Deputy of the state Duma and the first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security of the Russian Federation. In Moscow hope that with the support of her and the Allah of ISIS is still in the fight, what will help to revive the negotiations in Astana, the preservation of Assad.

In Moscow again falsifiziert history. Representatives of the Russian Federation in October 2014 was in Paris at the conference on coalition against ISIL but, in contrast to 65 States, Russia and it did not come in. Moscow, the year belonged to ISIS and Hizbollah: somewhere there that might be terrorists, but not in Russia. Only when it became clear that the opposition can eliminate al-Assad, the Kremlin urgently September 30, 2015 took his license on the war with ISIS, officially sent troops to Syria and ordered its media to write “LIH banned in Russia”. After that, Moscow announced joining the coalition, assured that no RF ISIS not cope, and after the downed Turkish plane was even exchange information with them on flights. Politicians all of 2016, talked about the new Union of the United States and the Russian Federation by analogy with the anti-Hitler coalition, but now the Kremlin gives back up and explain: Russia is not a member of the coalition against ISIS.

Moreover, according to the ideas of the Kremlin, the war of the coalition against ISIL is illegal without a license to Assad and blow Tomahawks on Assad is an act of US aggression against Syria. The Kremlin was so fascinated by this rhetoric that did not notice that fell into several traps of their inventions on international law.

Trap No. 1. Russia, recognizing the Party of Allah the right to wage war, recognized that right for other parties. According to the “logic” of Moscow, for example, the Republican party of the United States has the right to start a war with Russia to prove that trump is not an agent of Moscow. To call it a US attack on Russia would be impossible, as in the case of Hezbollah, the military operations which are not considered attacks on Lebanon, Israel and Syria. As in the United States more than 300 parties, to declare war on Russia, maybe less known, bought at the px a couple of hundred Tomahawks or finding them in mine. Obama’s party may also demand from Russia to answer for “monkey” and racism.

Trap No. 2. Moscow recognizes the right to war not only for parties and groups, calling themselves Nations. In her view, the Islamic state can declare war to other States, but they have no right to do war against them without the permission of Assad. Similarly, Moscow Donetsk national state has the right to declare war on the Ukraine and the UK. But then Moscow has included its double standards, and Ukraine with great Britain, in its view, unlike Assad, did not have the right without the consent of the Kremlin to fight with the DNR. Despite the fact that Donetsk is Ukrainian territory, not Russian, which is approved in the Kremlin. The UK, as in the case of war, it declared LIH, anything else does not remain how to enter your fleet into the Black sea and force Zakharchenko “responsible for the market”, said Donetsk diplomats. Poroshenko licensed in the UK for it will be given.

Trap No. 3. It Moscow got started to create not only Islamic state, but Donbass state of the production lines. So if the Russian Federation will be States such as the Kursk magnetic anomaly, the Kuzbass and the Republic of the Arctic the way it should be seen as a continuation of creative searches of the Kremlin.

List of traps that Moscow itself has placed, not limited to this, but chief among them is the “Kiev junta” with “the anti-fascist Jihad.”

The idea of Jihad as a global war for the win the only correct and scientific religion that arose in seventh century Arabia, was in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, modified and used three times. It is clearly the Bolsheviks did in his idea of world revolution as the red Jihad. Very pale in the form of an Orthodox Jihad against the West this idea has been circulating in Russia since the 1990s, and quite dimly lit in 2004 as the anti-fascist Jihad against the “orange plague”. In 2014, Moscow has warmed up its like a Jihad against the “Kiev junta”, but itself has changed. Moscow is so persistently insisted that the “Kiev junta” has already disintegrated and is about to fall that the “junta” looked extremely convincing, and also frostbitten European Communists into existence nobody believed. Everything that happens in Ukraine for three years can be called anything, even a mess, but not the junta. In Moscow in a hurry and did not take into account: “junta” needs something to manage to do to have the right to be called the junta, the more fascist, and this takes time. Even Hitler did not succeed. Per month to become a recognised junta could only Pinochet, but he and many killed.

The thesis of the “Kiev junta” was needed by Moscow to demand that the UN condemn and overthrow. So the boys were crucified, two slaves, bullfinches and the rest of the nonsense. Moscow tried to simulate the situation with Pol pot and the Khmer Rouge, which for three years so got all — right wing, left wing, centrists and diagonal — that when the army of Vietnam in December 1978 invasion of Kampuchea, it is called aggression against a UN member only China and the DPRK. Thus began the “First socialist” war. Two months later, China began a “Second socialist” war against Vietnam, and the Soviet Union in late 1979 — the “socialist Third” against Afghanistan. The UN has only approved the first socialist war, as Vietnam has relieved the UN of the problem, most anything to do with the Khmer Rouge. To impose sanctions against the Khmer Rouge was useless — they immediately went into isolation. As a result, the UN only watched ten years since the Vietnamese army without his permission is at war with the part of the Khmer Rouge, which has refused to join the new government of Kampuchea until 1993 reconciled with the fact that the UN in Cambodia represented the old appointee of Pol Pot.

The Khmer Rouge and Vietnam have clearly shown that tyranny should be overthrown from the outside, their decay can take a long time — but bypassing the UN, since China would impose on the operation of the veto. Now the situation repeats. Assad and Russia for six years, killed half a million Syrians have done half of them refugees and persevere to turn a city into ruins by the method of “Khmer Rouge” in the hope that Syria will be only submissive. Moscow wants to preserve the Syrian socialist monarchy Assad and will continue to veto all attempts at UN to change the situation. Similar is the situation with the territories seized by Russia through figureheads “of the company-state.” With Assad is clear — his regime will eliminate the Vietnamese method. After the funeral, ISIS and Assad will be the turn of the DNI and LC as a result of taking control of NATO forces, and not only him, the Ukrainian-Russian border that the Kremlin has no desire to move its tanks and Jihad against the DNI and LC > ended. The Russians give themselves time to deal with Putin’s regime. If you fail to have to help, and then across the planet will celebrate the Day of victory over rashizm.


Sergei Klimovsky — candidate of historical Sciences, historian and archaeologist.