Russia sent troops to the border with North Korea – media

According to DailyMail, trains with tanks and other military equipment went to the border between Russia and North Korea, reports TSN.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Russia’s border with North Korea after there were fears that the US will attack North Korea. Such fears can cause a flood of refugees.

Trains with military equipment moving in the direction of the Primorsky region via Khabarovsk and was seen by locals in the far East. There are also moving and military helicopters.

China also sent to the southern boundary of 150 thousand soldiers to cope if necessary with the influx of refugees.

Russian military spokesman Alexander Gordeyev declined to give the exact reasons for the movement of troops and equipment. But the newspaper’s sources say that such movements are connected with the Korean crisis.

We will add that far from North Korea hosted the sea port of Vladivostok, where Russia has a huge military force. If the US will strike missiles at nuclear facilities of the DPRK, the radioactive cloud will reach Vladivostok within two hours.

As reported, the DPRK and the United States have done to address each other a number of sharp statements. The President of the United States Donald trump promised to “solve the problem” of the DPRK and sent to the Korean Peninsula a few warships.

Pyongyang, in response, warned that it would respond to a possible nuclear strike by the United States own shot.