How to invest reasonably in the agricultural production?

The arrival of spring was marked by the beginning of the field work, and the majority of farmers here are faced nose to nose with a problem: where to find the necessary to obtain a new harvest resources?

These questions punctually stand before the leaders of the APC each year:

– How to profit?

– Recoup any costs incurred?

– What can you save?

– How to maintain a high profitability?

Some of the Directors of agricultural enterprises trying to look for the answer in the additional crediting, someone hopes to get out due to favourable weather conditions, and someone, and there are every year more and more – looking for a way to continuously increase yields of crops.

Most progressive business executives are well aware that innovations in the future. They know that the time requires to change the current paradigm. I know that it is necessary to change people’s minds, to transform the system of values and priorities and approaches.

Today the leaders of many of the farms are learning to think and work in new ways, increasingly relying on technology that are inherent in high production efficiency of the group of companies “the Valley”, specifically in histology series PENNANT® and micronutrients series ORACLE®.

Can be a long story about the effectiveness of these drugs, about the high rates of crop yields, which they from year to year demonstrate, but let’s just look at the table with the description of the data obtained in the experiment conducted by the Institute agriculture North-East of NAAS.

Laid out below the results of the experience. These figures were obtained on winter wheat last year:

№ p/p




The profit from 1 ha/hrn.*


Oracle seeds

Pennant 2

Oracle Cooperman copper

Oracle Cooperman zinc


±, t/ha

±, %







500 g/t

1 l/t

0.5 l/ha


+ 5,1

+ 7,2

+ 2499


500 g/t

1 l/t

0.5 l/ha

1 l/ha

1 l/ha


+ 9,2

+ 13,0

+ 4508


* The average price of commercial grain – 4900 UAH./T.

Quite an impressive result, isn’t it?

In addition, in practice it is proved that these drugs:

  • Integrate seamlessly into any currently used technology of cultivation of plants.
  • Well with all existing means of protection of plants, biopreparations and fertilizers.
  • Avoid additional costs for the introduction.
  • Give high yield and many times cover the cost incurred on their acquisition, increasing profitability and, accordingly, the final profit.

Photo: the effect of the drugs.

Methods of use of drugs is very flexible and allows to maximize the capacity inherent in plants.

Thanks to the rich variations of this technology, each farmer can choose the most optimal method of its application. The result in any case will exceed expectations.

More detailed information about the products of the group of companies “Valley” you can find on the website:

This information will be a good stepping stone for those who want to give their farmers a decent financial return and well-being.

Peter Korotetskiy, agronomist, consultant of group of companies “Valley”.