UN worker turned Bank robber – media

The man working in the newspaper Agency, which in particular deals with issues of the United Nations (UN), was arrested in connection with Bank robberies in new York, reports NBC reports “RBC Ukraine”.

Abdullah Shuaiba was arrested in his office in the Centre of the foreign press. Police believe 53-year-old Shuaiba robbed banks during breaks at work. According to sources in law enforcement bodies, the Shuaiba robbed the HSBC Bank on Monday, and then went back to work, where he was arrested. The shuaiba is accused in three Bank robberies over the past half month.

According to the representative of the United Nations, the Shuaiba once worked as a specialist in communications at the United Nations, in total he worked there for two months in 2013. Today it works, it is probably in the Nigerian press, which partially covers the activities of the UN. It is reported that on the page in Facebook at Shuaiba includes a photo where he shakes hands with the official in the General Assembly.