The fate of the Middle East depends on the outcome of the struggle between Hezbollah and Israel

Israel struck the convoy, which it said was transporting arms from Iran to Hezbollah. The Syrian army responded to this act of aggression, launch a rocket With-200, with the result that was shot down by Israeli aircraft and suffered other losses, despite the fact that Israel has denied these data.

Then I wrote an article entitled “question of the day: why Russia is not supplying the Syrian ally of the s-300 systems?”. This is a very serious issue, especially considering that Syria brought Russia’s enormous sacrifices did not bring her any other Arab regime, as well as the rest of the state, in order for Russia to maintain its monopoly in the gas market in Europe. In the article, I came to the conclusion that Russia in their political calculations did not take into account the concerns of Israel and its relations with Washington.

I have also written an article called “Battle of empires: between determination and decision.” In it I came to the conclusion that any political decision, which would lay the views of Putin, will not contribute to resolving the crisis in Syria and the region as a whole. The reason lies in the fact that the nature of the conflict in accordance with the historical interpretation of events in the region, as well as the theory of the rise and fall of civilizations affects the behavior of the great and regional powers. It has a serious impact on them. Either the United States will prevail and, as a consequence, will remain a world leader, performing the role of the judge and the policeman, are able to create a crisis, manage, and resolve them in accordance with its own interests and vision, or this conflict will lead to the birth of a new multipolar order, in this case Russia and its allies will decide the issues of war and peace. The rate of Moscow in a privileged relationship with Washington and their corresponding mechanisms may be made only in case if the Russian leadership will accept the role of Junior partner of the US and refuse thus from dreams of equal partnership.

After the events in the city of Khan Sheyhun I wrote an article called “the Massacre in Khan Sheyhun is a pretext for an American military strike… But how and why?”. In it, I accurately predicted that the US will strike Syria and explained how the internal and external reasons this happens and under what scenario. In the beginning, I pointed to the fact that the blame for the evolution of Israel’s position on the conflict in Syria and the situation in the region because the Zionist lobby, the prevailing in state structures affects the elections and U.S. foreign policy, defining it goals and strategies in the interests of national security of the United States.

The national security of the United States, as you know, today is linked to the security of Israel to a greater degree than with the interests of the American people, and thus, the implementation of the strategy of Washington in the middle East can not deviate one iota from the goals pursued by Israel in the region in General and Syria in particular. Among them in the first place is the eviction of Iran and Hizbollah from Syria by the overlap existing between the distribution channels and communication. The latter in turn can be achieved through the establishment a Kurdish Canton in Northern Syria, associated with Iraqi Kurdistan, and Sunni Canton in the South, stretching from Jordan to the occupied Golan heights. This is considered as a preparatory stage on the way to regime change in Damascus.

This means that a US strike on Syria was prepared in advance, even before the events in Khan Sheyhun. It has not been applied blindly and did not have a punitive character. Thus, an airstrike that caught Russia by surprise, was part of the new strategy trump, and to a greater extent is a message to the Russian leadership than other countries. We can say that this trial balloon that Washington has launched to see the reaction of Moscow, is designed to show her that the United States once again assume the role of “world policeman”. In their power to start wars and to make peace in the region and they will not allow any state to compete with them for this status. It is important that the United States will lean on its military power, even if it means bypassing the UN Security Council to violate international law.

The question that should arise in this regard is: “Why Russian air defense system in Syria was not shot down cruise missiles of the United States?”

For Russia, the above-mentioned shift in policy trump was a big surprise — no one discussed it this step, as demanded by the situation. Informed it was only the Russian military leadership in Syria, which in turn have informed Damascus about the need to evacuate the aircraft from the airport “Sirat”.

President Putin believed that trump is committed to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and wants to end the chaos in the region, which was caused by the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and that he wouldn’t dare unleash a new war in Syria or anywhere else. After all, it was said trump more than 25 times that of the United States against any military intervention abroad, particularly in Syria. Their goal is to defeat ISIS but to overthrow Assad, and the new politics trump based on the principle of “US — first!”

However, Putin realized that made the wrong bet, and that it is Israel that is behind this shift in US policy, and seeks thereby to put an end to a promising cooperation between Washington and Moscow. The Russian President expressed protest in connection with the media campaign, which was conducted by Netanyahu against Assad, as Washington and the middle East. He realized that Israel’s goal was not only change in the situation in Syria, but also to reduce the role of Russia, the strike at its interests in the case, if she ignored a warning from the United States.

© RIA Novosti, the Russian defense Ministry | go to photobacteria aircraft-carrying cruiser (TAVKR) “Admiral Kuznetsov” (foreground) and TFR “Admiral Grigorovich”

Response to Putin’s reckless move, the US became the order to suspend the Memorandum on the prevention of clashes between Russia and the United States in Syrian airspace. The message for Israel was Moscow’s decision to strengthen the air defenses of Syria — the Russian side will no longer take into account either the concerns of tel Aviv, nor the views of Washington in the field of security, and will provide Syria with s-300 system. Was also ordered to submit to a military base on the Syrian coast, the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”, which are the main competitor of American missiles “Tomahawk”. According to observers, these steps are intended to demonstrate that after the aggression by the U.S. Moscow will not refuse to support its Syrian ally and disapproves of American power policy that aims to prevent the formation of a multipolar international system.

Today we see that contrary to expectations trump the strike on Syria has driven a wedge between Moscow and Tehran, but on the contrary contributed to greater coordination between them. The parties discuss a question on developing an overall strategy in response to US aggression. Also followed by a statement about the need for allies Syria (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) joint operations, the purpose of which is to demonstrate that the parties are ready to use force in response to any act of aggression by the USA, and also will not allow them to dominate the region and the world in General, no matter what the consequences.

So far, the situation is as beneficial to the “axis of resistance” because it is a blow to the interests of the United States, Israel and their allies. Today, they experience fear and frustration due to the fact that soon flames erupted in the region, will overtake them, putting an end to their hopes. But…

Sunday from Moscow came reports that the Kremlin was not aware of the above mentioned statement, allies, and a few hours before Maria Zakharova said that Russia is interested to continue talks with Washington to find a common language with him, despite the complexity of the situation.

Despite the fact that information received from the Kremlin, and also the statement Zakharova have a rational nature, and strives to keep the world and humanity from another world war (God knows what would it ended), Washington and its allies saw it as a sign of weakness and a sign of surrender. In their view, this opens the way for the next step, namely the creation of the Syrian “security zones” (similar to how it was done by Bush in Iraq) to Syrian air force had no opportunity to attack the opposition and civilians.


For this reason, I chose not to write an article that would be the analysis of the situation after American air strikes, because such articles now a huge number. I do not think that Russia is ready to accept the challenge of the United States, given its desire to preserve relations with Washington at any price, especially if you take into account the fact that now at the head of the United States is a stupid man, who makes poor decisions. As a result, Russia prefers to wait for the visit of U.S. Secretary of state to Moscow, which will be held this week to have a clearer picture of the situation.

There is no doubt that the new “rational” position, followed by Moscow, stems from the belief that Washington will not back down from their plans after a pre-emptive strike, and that if Moscow will go on confrontation, the US will try to involve not only the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but also the “Arab NATO.” However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg has warned against the possibility of such development of events and the intervention of NATO in Syria. In a similar vein, spoke of Germany, confirming that the solution of the Syrian issue is practically impossible without participation of Russia.

Then I remembered the words of the Minister for foreign Affairs of Bahrain, who in an interview with the American channel CNN March 19, said: “We hope that Russia will change its policy and stop interfering in Affairs of regional countries, particularly Syria. We will resist the actions of Russia, using all our economic, political and military capability to protect our territory and our citizens.” The Minister also stressed that his country was in partnership with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and a number of other States in the region, along with the support of the Syrian opposition do not exclude the possibility of a military settlement.

Then I realized that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Bahrain actually told us that preparing for Syria in Washington and tel Aviv. We saw a shot of trump in Syria caught Russia by surprise, and how Congress has decided to arm the Syrian opposition, which is “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and its allies, the missiles capable of shooting down a Syrian and Russian aircraft. This step was undertaken in preparation for the creation of so-called “security zones” in the North and the South of Syria.

We have also witnessed how the king of Jordan in an interview with CNN during his recent visit to Washington, expressed the commitment of the new strategy trump. In particular, he noted that Russia should abandon its support of President Assad. He believes that if she hoped to resolve the crisis around the Crimea, as well as the establishment of peace in Ukraine, it will do it. In addition, the Jordanian leader mentioned concerns in Israel about Iran, its expansion in the region and his support of terrorism.


The question which is now asked by everyone is what will follow the strike on Syria, designed to demonstrate that the United States again want to play the role of “world policeman” in charge of security in the world?

We know that trump has decided to send U.S. aircraft carriers and warships in the South China sea, the purpose of which will become North Korea if it goes too far in their provocation with missile launches.

The British press has published stories, saying that Washington sees no other way to resolve the Libyan crisis but by dividing the state into three regions: Cyrenaica, Tripoli and Fezzan.

© AFP 2017, Jack GuezТренировка Israeli mixed battalion “Lions of Jordan”

In addition, the website Middle East panorama was posted secret information about what the Salafis in Egypt are planning to hit the security and stability of Algeria.

We also heard the calls of “Sultan” Erdogan to Putin to abandon support for President Assad and to cooperate with Washington to put an end to what he called “evil” in Syria, thus denoting a 180-degree turn in its position in relation to Russia.

We have also witnessed how the Copts again become targets in Egypt, in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria was a terrorist attack. These operations are run by Qatar and Turkey, and their goal — the realization of a hidden strategy of Washington for the division of Egypt into parts: a Coptic state in the South, the Islamic state in the North, following the example of what happened in Sudan. After the terrorist attacks on the Copts for the first time criticized the attitude of state bodies and security services of Egypt. They said that become a target for terrorists, and the tragedy is only the beginning, in the future the situation will only grow worse. If Al-Sisi is really interested in preserving the unity of Egypt and the security of his people, he abandons the Alliance with Russia and will cooperate with the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. He will inflict a military strike at Qatar, rather than to appeal to the international community with the request to penalize those who Finance and support terrorism in Egypt and the region as a whole.

Considering all the above, the bet can be placed only on Iran and its allies, because the Iranian government does not attach much weight to relations with Washington and confronts him in the region. After the national security of the United States came to be viewed through the prism of Israel’s national security, and U.S. policy in the middle East began to take shape in tel Aviv, the situation in Russia was complicated.

In light of the above, you cannot count on the involvement in the conflict with Moscow. Terrorist and other armed groups almost defeated, and Russia will continue to provide Syria with political support and supplying it with arms and munitions, while Syria and its allies will win because their victory is also a victory of Russia, and in the interests of the latter to control the course of military action at a distance.

Thus, there remains a political force which could change the course of the conflict in Syria (and the region), in addition to Hezbollah, and popular resistance. Everything indicates that Israel intends to play in Syria, the role is greater than ever, and thus makes a mistake, the consequences of which it cannot even protect Washington. Since his participation in the war will entail the participation of Iran, and this in turn means that it would threaten the US military bases and their national interests.

We say this because any decision providing for the protection of security and stability for Israel against Iran and its allies, it was suicide, and it is impossible to imagine that Washington can bet on a political settlement that will end with the recognition of the existence of the Zionist entity in Palestine, which would impose its hegemony in the countries of the region.

So we come to the conclusion that the fate of the region will depend on how the conflict will develop between Hezbollah, Palestinians, Islamists and the Arabs on one side and Israel and its supporters on the other. This collision will occur in the era of trump since the destruction of Hezbollah is one of the priorities of Washington and Israel, and trump confirmed this, saying: “You will see what we will do with Hezbollah in Syria.”