Medvedchuk: Ukraine’s economy is rapidly crumbling, and the Prime Minister tells the Parliament the nonsense about “future growth” (TV Channel 112, Ukraine)

The Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk said that Ukraine’s economy finished the first quarter of 2020 (this despite the fact that quarantine in the country began on 12 March) with the worst indicators for the last 4 years. The decline in production was (and continues!) in all sectors of the economy:

  • in industry — production decreased by 5.1% (compared to the first quarter of 2019);
  • agriculture — 1.8%;
  • in construction — 5.5%.

“With this economic crisis the Ukrainian company is entitled to expect from the premiere clarification of when and how the fall will be stopped and what exactly this is making the Cabinet.

Alas, speaking once again in Parliament on 13 may 2020, [the Prime Minister] Smigel never even mentioned the crisis of the Ukrainian economy and productive methods to overcome it”, — the politician noted.

Medvedchuk also recalled the Prime Minister’s statement that the allocation of Finance by the Cabinet depends on the status of agreements of Ukraine with the International monetary Fund. However, no explanation for the change in the position of the IMF crediting of Ukraine and a significant reduction Smigel did not give.

“The Prime Minister claimed that in 2020, the Cabinet seriously expects $ 10 billion of loans from external lenders. “Their volume this year exceeded 10 billion dollars in financial support from financial institutions, international financial organizations — the IMF, European institutions, the EU and the partner countries as a whole”, — said the head of government.

The culmination of fantasies Smagala was his statement about the future “growth” of the Ukrainian economy: “Therefore, it is very important that we move forward and get those funds to next year to grow by 7%, and not fall into the abyss and not be able to get out of it ten years”.

It is obvious that the government of Smugala no growth of Ukraine’s economy will not happen, and as predicted they fall into an abyss from which the country really have to get out another 10 years. If not more”, — said Medvedchuk.