The Cabinet approved the procurement of medicines through international organizations

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the decision on the procurement of medicines and medical devices in 2017 through international organizations. The decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday.

“This draft Executive order on procurement of medicines and medical products with the assistance of specialized organizations. This is our fateful decree on procurement through international organizations, which will officially hold the purchase for 2017 in full through international organizations”, – said Deputy Minister of health Alexander Lynch, when presenting the draft order.

He noted that Ukraine is already saved on the procurement of vaccines through UNICEF, 17 million dollars.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, in turn, stressed that in 2017 Ukraine must compensate for problems with procurement of medicines in recent years.

“We have in 2017 to catch up with all the backlog that was in past years… You heard that through the mechanisms of international procurement, we saved only on the purchase of vaccines, the same, through the mechanisms UNICEF $ 17 million. I can say that ever if there was no mechanism for procurement of medicines through international organizations, would not have saved a single penny. These $ 17 million. would go in the pockets of different dealers, who for decades was warming his hands,” – said the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has included the draft budget for 2017 5.9 billion UAH for the purchase of medicines through international organizations. Later, the government pledged to allocate an additional 2 billion UAH for the purchase of medicines and vaccines through international organizations, and promised to make every effort for the first time in the history of Ukraine the tender procedures for the procurement of 2017 was held on time and delivery was made prior to the end of the year.

We will remind, since April 1, the Ministry of health has launched a reimbursement. Compensation of the cost of drugs earned for the three groups of patients. Free medicines under the program of the Cabinet have pharmacies in most regions of Ukraine. Medications available to patients with cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma and diabetes mellitus type II. However, medication is not given in the Nikolaev and Odessa areas.