In Syria again killed by the Russian military

In Syria during the battle for Palmyra, killing three more of the Russian military. Thus, the total losses of the Russian Federation amounted to 21 people, writes with reference to Reuters.

It is noted that the number of Russians killed in Syria since the end of January to the end of March, according to estimates of the Agency, more than four times higher than the number officially released by the Russian Ministry of defense, which said only five of the victims during this time.

Last month Reuters, based on data from friends, acquaintances and relatives of the victims, officials and employees of cemeteries, reported that starting from January 29 in Syria killed 18 of the Russians.

Since then, the publication has established that killed three people: Alexey Safonov, Vladimir Plucinski and Mikhail Nefedov, which show interviews with those who knew their men were not soldiers and fighters, hired under contract.

As reported March 3 in the Syrian Palmyra was undermined on a mine of the Russian major-General Peter Melugin.