How to determine the time of death of the person on the heartbeat rate

Chinese researchers found that every additional 10 beats every minute increase the risk of mortality by 10%. Studies show that heart rate at rest can be used for the analysis of exact date of death and to predict whether to leave the life of the people in the next twenty years, writes

If you listen to the heartbeat, it is possible to determine the date of death. If your heart rate at rest reaches eighty beats per minute, the probability of mortality for you to 45% higher than those whose rhythm does not exceed forty-five beats per minute. It is worth noting that the average heart rate is between sixty to a hundred beats every minute, but the people who are professionally engaged in sports, heart rate is reduced to forty beats per minute.

Thanks to these data, the conclusion that the measurement of the rate of the cardiac rhythm may be an indicator to assess the risk of premature death of the entire population of the globe.