Busy week trump and Putin: the results of Tillerson’s visit to Moscow

Donald trump was hoping that he would be able “to get along with Russia.” Since its inauguration it has been almost four months, but Washington and Moscow recognize that the level of trust between countries has decreased even more, especially after the missile attack of the USA against Russia’s ally, the Syrian regime inflicted on 7 April.

After that missile attack, the UN resumed intense talks on the fate of Damascus, and Secretary of state Donald trump Rex Tillerson made his first trip to Moscow, marred by doubt, they want the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to meet him. Below are some of the results of Tillerson’s visit to Moscow, the news of this troubled Russian-American diplomacy of the week.

Tillerson made the choice in favor of a rigid approach

Although Tillerson is one of several members of the team trump, who in the past had a relationship with the Russian government, but he was honored to receive from the Kremlin the Order of friendship. Many feared that this is an obvious and alarming signal that he will choose softer approach in relations with Russia.

But four months after their approval in the office, on Tuesday, April 11, Tillerson arrived in Moscow, where he was greeted rather coldly. On the day of his arrival, Putin said that if the administration trump the level of trust between countries has decreased even more.

Visit Tillerson finally convinced Moscow that “the hope for favorably minded U.S. administration is ready to close eyes to Russia’s actions in exchange for the preservation of the coalition against ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) was exaggerated”, as he said, sir Roderic (Roderic Lyne), former British Ambassador to Russia.

In Moscow Tillerson made it clear that the war in Ukraine, where Russia supports the anti-government movement and hold the Crimea will remain “an obstacle to improvements in relations between the US and Russia.” Tillerson also said the continuation of sanctions, while talking about the reasons, he referred only to “actions in Ukraine”.

“I don’t think, judging from the changes of the last two months, Russians have expected that Tillerson will come to them with bouquets of roses,” said Line.

Putin wants to leave Syria

Missile strike, Putin put the US in a very awkward position and allowed to assess its readiness to support President Bashar al-Assad. The most important step that Moscow has made in response to this, was the suspension of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and ensuring the safety of aviation operations in Syria. After meeting with Tillerson, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Putin is ready to restore the agreement if the United States will confirm that their priority in Syria is fighting terrorism.

“I suspect the Russians know that they will have to renew the Memorandum, because in the event of problems in Syrian airspace, they will lose more — says John Herbst (John Herbst), former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. Suppose they failed to get what they wanted from Tillerson, namely the promise that the US will never strike such blows. They used this meeting to reverse their decision, which prevented them ourselves.”

According to layna, Russia is looking for ways to get out of the Syrian conflict. In March 2016, Putin announced the withdrawal of most its troops from Syria, but then he increased the number of Russian troops in Syria and even sent an aircraft carrier. Moscow’s attempts to develop alternative peace process with the collaboration of Iran and Turkey, too, has stalled: at the March meeting there were no representatives of the Syrian opposition, and its most significant result was the appointment of the date for the next meeting.

Now, according to analysts, Moscow is trying to develop a strategy that would not look like a retreat. But now that Putin’s departure from Syria looked like a success, he needs to negotiate with the United States.

“I think Russia now find themselves in a very awkward position, and we should not forget that the economic base of Putin in Russia is very weak, — has explained Online. — If you talk rationally and logically, they need to find their way out of Syria, but to avoid public humiliation. The Syrian operation will not help to increase the percentage of votes in the elections”.

“In the end, the talks will yield a result only if Putin will consider everything and come to the conclusion that he needs to negotiate with US,” added Line.

Tillerson mastered in his new role

Tillerson, who in the past was headed by Exxon Mobil, proved to be quite a skilled diplomat in negotiations with Russian officials. When asked to describe the “aggressive statements” of Washington against Assad in which the Syrian leader called “animals” and compared with Adolf Hitler, Tillerson has managed to protect peace, and his answer sounded convincing.

“I think that President Assad himself has brought upon himself this characteristic,” said Tillerson, noting that the Syrian regime is killing its citizens, “a terrible way”.

On the question of whether Assad to threaten accusations of war crimes, Tillerson again criticized the Syrian leader and hinted that he should resign as quickly as possible. “I think that after a certain time it will be possible to build a body of evidence,” said Tillerson.

“Tillerson never retreated from what was said earlier, before his visit to Moscow, noted Line. — Working in Exxon Mobil, he has earned a reputation for being tough and well-informed leader who always talks very prudently. Obviously, he has successfully mastered his new responsibilities.”

China does not support Russia

China did not support Russia in the situation with a missile strike the U.S. on Syria. After the meeting, Tillerson, Lavrov and Putin in Moscow in the UN security Council on Wednesday, April 12, passed a vote on a resolution condemning the chemical attack of the Assad regime. On this vote Russia already in the eighth time have used its veto to block the resolution.

Meanwhile, China abstained. It is known that a few days before the vote, the country’s leader XI Jinping (Xi Jinping) discussed rocket attack USA with trump for chocolate cake in Florida. The meeting went so well that trump has forgotten about his campaign statements that China is manipulating the exchange rate. And si showed no signs of his readiness to make a choice in favor of the partnership Beijing and Moscow to strengthen Russia which is engaged in the last few years.

“The fact that trump flirted with si in the same week, when the US struck had seriously to alarm the Russians, — said Line. Theoretically China shares Russia’s position, but only in theory. Now China is negotiating with the trump of Russia more successfully, and it’s not too good news for the Kremlin, which hoped to unite with US in Syria and to achieve the lifting of sanctions.”

The Kremlin has refused to comment on China’s decision to vote in the UN security Council.