George Soros, bogeyman of democrator

George Soros was the main enemy of Viktor Orban. Recently the Hungarian Prime Minister bombarded with new attacks on American billionaire. On 4 April, the Parliament passed a law that non-European universities are not able to give Hungarian diploma without prior agreement with the government. In addition, they will have to confirm that they are engaged in activities on the territory of their own country. The law is aimed directly against Central European University, which is located in Budapest and was founded by George Soros in 1991. “CEU has cheated on diplomas. If you’re a billionaire, it doesn’t mean you’re above the law,” — said the head of government, thus giving rise to an unprecedented wave of protests.

Three days later, Orban party “Fidesz” has introduced another bill, which obliges NGOs to declare foreign funding in the amount of 23 thousand euros per year. The names of the sponsors will be listed on the public website. This measure resembles the law on “foreign agents” in Russia, 2012 and entered into force in China on January 1 of the regulation on activities of foreign NGOs. “Putin became a pioneer: Orban is following in his footsteps and is a similar scheme,” notes Jacques Rupnik (Jacques Rupnik), an expert on Central Europe and a senior fellow at the Paris Institute of political studies. In the black list, of course, came the Foundation “open society” Soros, whose budget amounted to in 2017 940,7 million dollars. In 2016, he singled out the Hungarian NGOs about 3.6 million dollars.

Orban no longer even trying to hide the distaste for the 86-year-old philanthropist. In a speech on the situation in Hungary on 10 February, he criticized the “cross-border Empire of George Soros with his vast international as and heavy artillery”, and accused his organization’s “tireless work to transport migrants to Europe hundreds of thousands.”

“Open society”

So who is this George Soros? “Architect of chaos”, wrote the Pro-Kremlin website Sputnik in 2005. “A psychopath of psychopaths” — says RT in 2016. Such criticism from the Russian sites is not accidental. In his profile there is everything not to like: he is a multibillionaire (25.2 billion euros, according to Forbes), a Jew, and is known for his acrobatic antics financier and globalist. In 1992, he became the man who blew the Bank of England speculation with the British pound (for which he earned more than a billion dollars in just a day).

Today, Soros is known internationally for his philanthropic activities. In 1984, he created the Foundation “open society” in accordance with the inspiration for his ideas of the Austrian philosopher Karl Popper (Karl Popper). He advocated the concept of “open society” based on freedom and human rights in opposition to authoritarian society. “It plays a role at the same time who he is, a Jewish financier, and what he does, that is supported in Eastern Europe the movement for democracy Foundation open society, which is struggling with authoritarian tendencies”, — says doctor of political Sciences and expert on the Balkans Loic Tregoures (Loïc Tregourès).

Several leaders of Eastern European and Balkan countries call him enemy number 1. They accuse him of meddling in their internal Affairs through funded NGOs. “Marking someone as “coracoid” becomes for the authorities a way to discredit the opponents, showing that they both are traitors and puppets of Soros and the CIA,” explains Loic Tregoures. In Macedonia, the former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has called for “decolonization” society and created a movement “Stop Soros Operation”. Its task is to shed light on “subversive activities of all organizations of George Soros”.

In Poland, the founder of the party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski (jarosław Kaczynski) argues that the Soros-funded NGOs seek to “societies without identity.” Founded by Soros in 1988, the Stefan Batory Foundation also have to pay for it, albeit to a lesser degree. “We are subjected to verbal attacks, in particular from the side close to the power of the press, for what we do, the democratic and liberal culture as well as our relations with Soros — says the President of Fund Alexander Smolar (Smolar Aleksander). — Nevertheless, there’s nothing that would threaten the existence of the organization. You can’t compare it with the situation in Hungary, because Soros, a Hungarian by birth, does not play such a significant role in Poland.”

“Sold To Judah”

Whatever it was, the movement of the opponents of Soros was formed not yesterday, but back in the mid 2000-ies, in the setting of the color revolutions, “which, according to some leaders, prepared by Soros and the CIA — said Treasures. It is possible to even monitor even further: in the 1990-ies the Croatian leader Tudjman said that the opposition “sold out Judas”. Judas was Soros, who, as claimed by the President, financed subversive activities”.

In America about Soros, too, there is no consensus. He was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, and at the economic summit in Davos in late January, called trump “the dictator’s apprentice”, which is inevitably going to fail. “Orban and other those in power in Eastern Europe, authoritarian nationalists have in common with trump rejection Soros — says Jacques Rupnik. — Trump is the rejection of “open society” and his appearance in the White house confirms their authoritarian tendencies. They feel that the wind is changing, not only in the East with Russia and Turkey, but also in the West PACSICOM and trump, whose victory is based on closeness”.

“They believe that there is no pressure, and the way is clear, adds Loic Tregoures. The EU does not represent a problem for them: they are interested only in stability in the region”. On 12 April the European Commission stated that “concerned” adopted by the Hungarian laws and can begin the process on the violation of European law.