The scandal with missiles of the DPRK: “Pivdenmash” replied the American media

The press service of the plant “Pivdenmash” (Dnipro) responded to the accusations in the address of the factory involvement in the North Korean missile program. A statement published on the website of the plant.

In the first place, “Pivdenmash” stressed that the facts stated in the publication The New York Times, untrue.

“In particular, “Yuzhmash” is not only a major producer of missiles for the Russian Federation, but also do not deliver to Russia or missiles or their parts and Assembly units, including rocket engines, “–said in the message.

Also “Yuzhmash” States that the assumption of the authors and their cited expert on the possible Association of Ukraine with the progress of the DPRK in the development of rocket technologies “have nothing to do with reality.”

“Pivdenmash” has never had and does not now has no relation to the North Korean missile programmes space or defensive nature. Missiles and missile systems for military use in the years of independence “Yuzhmash” were not issued and are not issued“, – stated in the message.

The company said that the only production engine, delivered in recent years on the export – RD-843 to Italy for the European rocket “VEGA” is designed to run and work in the open space and its characteristics (including the draw) is not suitable for use in ballistic missiles for military purposes.

As emphasized in the message, “Yuzhmash”, as a state owned company, fully complies with the requirements of the Regime of control over missile technologies, the participant of which Ukraine is a 1998.

“Pivdenmash” expresses its sincere regret published by The New York Times article, provocative nature, based on an incompetent “expert” opinion,” said the company.

We will remind, according to the NYT, the UN investigators found that North Korea six years ago tried to steal secret rocket technology in Ukraine. Two North Koreans then grabbed.

The UN report said that they were trying to steal information about rocket engines, liquid motors and the systems of supply of fuel in the missiles. Investigators believe that two years ago, Pyongyang is still able to successfully steal this information.

However, experts note that the technology of rocket engines are so complex that the DPRK would not have been able very quickly to readjust its production.

The expert does not exclude that the Russian company “Energoatom”, which had close ties with the Ukrainian “Yuzhmash”, could play a role in the transfer of RD-250 North Korea – so, the rocket engines could be of Ukrainian origin, but stored in Russia, as supplied under contract until 2014.

As you know, the RD-250 was the basis of the running system of the famous of missiles R-36M, better known in the West as SS-18 “Satan.”

As stated by Secretary of national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukraine is not supplying rocket engines and any missile technology to North Korea.

“We believe that this anti-Ukrainian campaign provoked by Russian special services to cover up its involvement in North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs,” said Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine.