Canada will supply weapons to Ukraine

The defense Ministers of Ukraine and Canada signed a defense agreement. One of the results of the agreements was the intention of the canadian defense Department to make Ukraine into a list of States where permitted export of firearms from Canada. North American state is member of NATO and the canadian army equipped with modern American weapons, so the “Today” figured out, does the document that Ukraine will start to get “lethal” Western weapons.

A cooperation agreement with the Ministers of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak and Canada Harjit Sajan signed on 3 April, during a visit of the Ukrainian delegation to Ottawa. According to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andriy Shevchenko, the agreement defines five main areas of cooperation defence research, development and production; material security; logistics; defence policy and military education. “It will improve the support of the armed forces of Ukraine with modern equipment and weapons”, — said Stepan Poltorak.

Harjit Sajan announced that the next step after conclusion of the agreement will be the introduction of Ukraine in Automatic control list of countries by firearm (Automatic Firearms Country Control List). This document is a list of States in which Canada allows its manufacturers to export weapons. Now it includes 39 countries, including all NATO members. Russia in the list of “allowed” States are not included.

However, Harjit Sajan did not say when Ukraine will receive access to the canadian gun market. Anyway, as of 10 April, Ukraine in the Automatic Firearms Country Control List has not yet appeared.

The Interests Of Canada. Canada became one of the first countries that started to provide assistance to Ukraine after we start fighting. It happened thanks to the numerous and influential Ukrainian Diaspora (for example, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland has Ukrainian roots) living in the country “maple leaf”. The second reason why Canada would want to help Ukraine is the opposition of Russia, which claims to supremacy in the Arctic: the Kremlin spends military exercises and strengthens the military infrastructure.

“When I was in Canada, where many said that the main security threat comes from the actions of Russia in the Arctic. Canada therefore has its interests in Ukraine to counterbalance Russia”, — said a senior analyst at the International centre for policy studies Anatoly Artisyuk.

Cooperation now. Help from Canada was received in various forms. For example, according to the President of the Ukrainian world Congress (UWC), a canadian lawyer of Ukrainian origin Eugene Cole, with the participation of the internals of our soldiers were passed more than 20 thousand improved first aid kits to first aid. Quite extensive was the supply of “non-lethal” military equipment. As of 2016, Canada was in second place after the US in terms of providing such assistance (over $23 million). Among other things, the disposal of the Ukrainian army passed modern radio Harris, equipment for demining of the area, night surveillance, body armor and Kevlar helmets, ammunition and items of clothing.

Most notable was the participation in the framework of the military training mission Unifier, which was launched in autumn 2015 at the Yavoriv training ground. Then 200 soldiers of the 2nd mechanized division of the canadian army began to teach Ukrainian colleagues the methods of warfare adopted by NATO. Since then, the mission Unifier has undergone a few rotations, and in March decided to extend its effect until 2019.

As explained to journalists one of the leaders of the Unifier, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Arsenault, canadian soldiers are taught Ukrainians target shooting, navigation, first aid, as well as trying to improve the system of command and control at the level of sergeants and Junior officers. But the canadian officer admitted that the Ukrainian colleagues have much to teach them. “At the level of tactics and the work of anti-terrorist units, we still have something to learn from Canadians. However, if we are talking hybrid warfare and it’s new direction of warfare, what can we learn from the military, who never faced? Therefore, in this respect, the process at least two-sided. The experience of fighting the Russians in the new environment actively studied by experts of NATO, which involve the Ukrainian military to participate in international conferences,” — said the Director of information and consulting company defense Express Serhiy Zgurets.

The earnings and perquisites of Canadians. The assistant Minister of defense of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov, who also visited Ottawa in our delegation, compared the Ukrainian and canadian approaches to security of servicemen. Having been in the location of one of the brigades of the 4th canadian division, Biryukov saw that the local military Department generally does not provide its soldiers with apartments. The contract, which is 100% completed with the canadian army, you can rent housing on the territory of their military unit, paying his own expense. Rental prices are reduced, but the apartment is not very comfortable, so they have a few lives.

Missing and centralized meals: breakfasts, Lunches and dinners need to buy for your money, however, prices in army messes are also reduced. Benefits package on top and covers all of the options that civil spend 20% of their income per year, but salary does not disperse. Corporal, which communicated Yury Biryukov received about 45 thousand canadian dollars a year (one canadian dollar is about 20 UAH), of which a considerable part of the money goes on rent and services detsadika for two children. “One of the main motivators for military service — retirement. 75% of the average values (salaries) for the last three years of service after 25 years of service. And separately can accumulate himself, listing all his life in a retirement account. In General I had an impression of rationality, without any frills. Honestly pay good money, provide a decent life during the service and guarantee a normal pension. But without excesses”, — concluded Yuriy Biryukov.

“LETHAL” WEAPONS. The main advantage of which Ukraine may receive military cooperation with Canada and the inclusion of Automatic Firearms Country Control List, is the supply of so-called “lethal” weapons. The canadian army takes an active part in most military campaigns involving the United States or NATO. Armed forces Canada armed with American systems. But the American side, despite the many encouraging statements have not yet decided the issue of providing our country with modern Western weapons.

Is it possible to “breakthrough” from Canada? According to Serhiy Zgurets, the agreement is only a “Memorandum of intent”. “The real productivity of this agreement can be assessed on the example of separate contracts. Canada is one of the few countries that is interested to help us, but it is still limited to only “non-lethal” aid — imaging medical equipment. Samples of military equipment is not reached. Therefore, until the conditions to the “breakthrough” no,” said Zgurets.

According to Anatoly Ontisuka, the supply of arms from Canada is possible, but only following intensive consultations with NATO. “If Canada will supply us with really powerful weapons, the Russian side can begin to “raise the stakes” and to provoke an escalation of the situation in Ukraine”, — said Artisyuk.