Pension anew, saving on gas and Deposit growth: figures of the week


200 – 1000 UAH
will be increased from 1 October pensions of Ukrainians. This forecast was made by the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman: “We will savremenim pensions for 5,6 million people. Approximately 1,308 million people will receive higher pensions up to UAH 200; 1.208 million – from 200 to 500 UAH monthly; nearly 2 million – from 500 to 1 thousand UAH, 1.1 million will receive pension increases of more than 1 thousand UAH”.

from 1 October
the government will propose to Parliament to repeal the taxation of pensions for working pensioners.

grew by 29%
for the year 2016 in annual terms, the aggregate amount of insurance payments received in 2016 insurance companies on insurance contracts with individuals to 13.1 billion. On voluntary types of insurance-UAH 6.9 billion on compulsory types – 3, 6 billion UAH, on life insurance – 2.6 billion UAH. The number of the concluded contracts KASKO has increased by 17% and amounted to 179 thousand, the total amount of insurance payments increased by 88% – to UAH 4.9 bn. In the segment of LCA concluded 1.4 million contracts (60% more) in the amount of UAH 1.9 billion, which is 26% higher than the same indicator of the previous year.

grew by 3.4%
the volume of hryvnia deposits in Ukrainian banks in March – before 429,7 billion UAH, foreign currency (in dollar equivalent) increased by 0.4%, to 13.06 billion. While the corporate sector increased their deposits by 3.7%, including in national currency – by 4.7%. The portfolio of hryvnia deposits of the population increased by 1.9%, in foreign currency (in dollar equivalent) have decreased by 0.7%, reported the NBU.

increased in 4.5 times
primary registration of used passenger cars in March in annual terms – up to 3944 units, which is 30 per cent higher than in February, said the Association “Ukrautoprom”. During the first quarter of the Ukrainian registration was received 9156 used cars, which is almost 4 times more than in the same period last year.


248,13 per 1,000 cubic meters
was the average price for the gas imported by the Ukrainian company in March, reported the economy Ministry. In January 2017 the price was 229,51 dollars, in February – 246,88 dollars. In January 2016, the price was 231,41 dollars, in February – 200,39 dollars, in March – $ 198,57.

846,6 million UAH
managed to attract Ukrainian farmers due to the issuance of 101 agricultural receipts since the launch of the pilot project in 2014, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy. Currently, receipts are in Vinnytsia, Poltava, Cherkassy, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Ternopil and Khmelnytsky regions. While there was not a single case of debt enforcement.

cheaper than 25-30 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters
compared to the price under the contract with Russian “Gazprom” for delivery in may “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has purchased gas from European suppliers, said commercial Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko. As a result, the savings amounted to no less than 21 million dollars.

31.6 billion UAH
the profit received in January-June TOP 100 Ukrainian state companies, said the Ministry of economy. They accounted for 82% of net income and 86% of all state assets. The major assets are concentrated in the oil and gas sector (“Naftogaz of Ukraine”), transport (“Ukrzaliznytsya”) and the power (“Energoatom”). Of 3460 state-owned enterprises existing in Ukraine, there are only 1794.

up to 13%
annual lowered the Board of the National Bank discount rate, after three previous months it remained at the level of 14%.

decreased the average selling price of electricity in the wholesale market manufacturers in the first decade of April third decade of March – 956,64 to 931,61 UAH/MWh, according to the GP “energy”. The share of Energoatom in the total electricity output amounted to 63.2 per cent compared to 63,94% in the third decade of March, TES – of 21.03% (18,26%), TPP– of 5.73% (8,16%), hydro – 8,58% (7,97%) “green” – 1,46% (1,67%).

35 million tons
grain exported to Ukraine since the beginning of the 2016/2017 marketing year (July-June) as of April 12. In 2015/2016 MG exports amounted to 39.5 million tons of grain, which is 13.5% more than in the previous season. According to forecasts of Ministry of agrarian policy, grain exports in 2016/2017 MG may be about 40 million tons.

in annual terms, increased consumption of electricity in Ukraine in January-March, excluding losses (the growth amounted to 1.1%). Growth likely indicates a revival of business activity.

The world

for the year 2016 has increased the average labor cost in the Eurozone. One hour of work in the processing industry of Germany 2016 at a cost of 38.7 euros, which is 47% higher than the average for the EU. Ahead of Germany on labor costs, only Denmark, Belgium and Sweden. However, in Bulgaria, for example, the cost of labor is an average of 3.7 euros per hour.

261 billion dollars
spent of Chinese tourists in 2016 (annual growth 12%), estimated by experts of the world tourism organization (UNWTO).In second place in the world Americans$122 billion (8%)followed by German citizens – $81 billion (5%), the UK – $64 billion and France with 41 billion dollars.

at 0.07 p. p.
in the past year decreased payroll taxes in developed countries, as follows from the data of the OECD. In 2016, on average, they amounted to 36% of the employee’s income. The reduction recorded for the third consecutive year, while immediately after the financial crisis of 2008-2009, the burden grew.Last year growth was observed in 20 countries (mostly through income tax), the decrease in 14. Significantly, by 1.06 percentage points, the load is increased only in Greece. Highest load on wages in Belgium (54%), Germany (49.4 per cent), Hungary (48,2%) and France (48.1 percent). The lowest in Chile (7%), New Zealand (17.9 per cent) and Mexico (20.1 per cent).

by 2025
Kazakhstan plans to complete the transition alphabet to the Latin alphabet, a corresponding instruction of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev gave the government.The Latin alphabet used in Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1940.

to 97.9 million
barrels per day lowered its forecast for global oil demand in 2017, the International energy Agency (IEA). This is below the previous forecast that was 98 million Adjustment is mainly due to the weaker dynamics in OECD countries.

16.6 million dollars
was the average annual amount of remuneration of the chief Executive officers (CEOS) of the 100 largest companies in the U.S. in 2016 (last year was $15.5 million), according to the report of the analytical company Equilar.The lowest paid was the head of BerkshireHathaway Warren Buffett. He is the only CEO in the list, whose salary last year was less than $ 1 million – a total of 488 thousand dollars the very same Berkshire took first place in the ranking by revenue of 223 billion dollars. Apple CEO Tim cook, whose company occupies the second place by revenue ($215 billion), also received not very much – of 8.75 million dollars.