Where in Ukraine is the cheapest and most expensive products

In Ukraine continue to rise in price products. Talking about this the latest data of the state service of statistics, which monitors the cost of essential goods every 10 days. During the six months to 10-20%, prices for milk, meat, sausages. But there is a decline in — spite of the approaching Easter, 20% cheaper eggs, and Barnabas 5% . “Today” estimate, in which regions is now more expensive and cheaper just to lay the Easter table, bought for him the 10 Essentials (see infographic).

WHAT, WHERE, HOW MUCH. As you can see from the infographic, the price per region for many of the products differ substantially. For example, the cheapest bread is baked in the Zaporozhye region, there it is less than 10 UAH for a loaf, despite the fact that wages zaporozhane get not the lowest (almost 6000 UAH per month). But not rich enough Zhytomyr, where the average earnings do not even reach UAH 5000, is a leader not only on the price of bread (14,48 UAH/loaf) and cooked sausage. For example, it is more expensive there than in Kiev (the average salary is almost 10 thousand UAH) — 76 UAH/kg against 71. Cheapest “Varenka” — in the Luhansk region, just 48,57 UAH/kg, Also in the Luhansk region the cheapest milk is only 13.5 UAH/l UAH vs 16,4/l in the Dnipropetrovsk region, where it is the most expensive.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region and the most expensive among the regions of meat a kilo of pork there is nearly 85 UAH, nedostanu only 60 cents to capital costs. Transcarpathia scored the most expensive groceries — so buckwheat and sugar there are 2-3 UAH/kg more than in other regions. Finally, Barnabas the cheapest in Lviv, and the most expensive — in the Chernivtsi region. Paradoxical podeshevenie eggs before Easter have not touched the Donetsk region — there is a dozen of 13.27 UAH. This is 40% more expensive than in Chernivtsi region, where prices are the lowest, only 9,57 UAH per dozen.

THE TABLE AT EASTER. Calculations showed that the average cost of food in the regions is not much different. So, purchasing for the Easter table meat, sausages, eggs, flour, sugar, milk, necessary for it to bake festive cakes and vegetables, will cost everywhere in the 250-270 UAH. The reason is that the high cost of some products, such as meat, sausage overlaps the lower cost others — milk, bread, groceries, vegetables. The most expensive basket happened in the Zhytomyr region, there is need to pay 275 UAH per 10 points from the infographic (in kg of each product). It is even more to UAH 2 than in Kiev. And the cheapest basket in the front of the Luhansk region (UAH 236).

According to trade experts, Vladimir Molchanov, is caused by the low quality of some local products: “Not edible boiled sausage cost 48 UAH/kg, and milk — 13 UAH/l”. The collapse in the price of eggs, the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko explains the glut in the market: “Manufacturers have increased the production of eggs based on the increase in exports, but miscalculated. Prices may fall another hryvnia per dozen”. Also Doroshenko promises stable prices for meat, they say, until the limit is reached. And milk should be even cheaper because of lower purchasing prices for milk.