Scientists named the best age to become a mother

Royal College of obstetrics and gynecology conducted a study in which experts were able to determine the ideal age of a woman for the birth of a child, according to And this is the period from 20 to 35 years.

It was during these 15 years, women have the smallest probability of high blood pressure during pregnancy, miscarriage or need caesarean section. In addition, aged 20 to 35, women are much better able to cope with sleep deprivation and have more energy to care for a baby.

However, the best age in order to educate the child, differs from this data. According to research at the Aarhus University in Denmark, it starts already after 30 years. Scientists say that women who become mothers in adulthood, usually more educated, financially independent, mainly consist in stable relationships and tend to be very lenient, flexible in the education of children.

The combination of these features contribute to an authoritative (as distinct from authoritarian) parenting style of the baby. In addition, the Danish study found that mothers older than 33 years tend to be much more patient. And this contributes to a successful relationship in the family and between mother and child in particular.