Scientists have discovered five unnecessary organs in the human body

British scientists have discovered that the human body has five organs, without which you can do. They are called vestiges – remnants of evolution that are still not fully gone down in history, according to “Orthodox”.

In particular, the coccyx, which consists of four-five fused vertebrae, as well as the Appendix, wisdom teeth, ear muscles and third eyelid. If the first four on all more or less known, about the third century, few people had heard.

Experts believe that at some point in the evolutionary history of all these bodies was essential to man for his survival, but by the time they have lost their value.

So, our ancestors used wisdom teeth to chew fibrous food. The fact that the diet of modern man is relatively soft, so the teeth he don’t need. Besides, often the wisdom teeth are of concern and have to be removed or sealed up.

The purpose of digestion is served and the Appendix, which plays a salutary role in preserving the microflora. But if it is inflamed, it is necessary to uninstall. Cut off the Appendix can be life-threatening.

In turn ear muscles allow you to clearly pick up the sound, and the coccyx is a reminder that the past of mankind was tailed.

Half-moon fold – the so-called third eyelid, a person aimlessly is located in the inner corner of the eye and is also is a throwback.