Have on hand two cards

It’s time to remember the words of the great statesmen who have left a deep mark in history: “I make mistakes, too. But… I never make the same mistake twice.”

Before Turkey shot down a Russian military plane, in her arms was a “two super-large maps — USA and Russia”.

When one of them had exerted pressure on Turkey in foreign policy, it could to a certain extent to prevent laying on the table another card.

This “policy of balance”, we use from the time of Abdul Hamid II.

USA to use the base in Incirlik in the air operations against ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and reduce the frequency of objections coming from Ankara with the support of the “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG), which form the backbone of the Kurdish people’s protection Units (YPG) wanted to “tame” Turkey.

For this she no longer had to be the “Russian card”. Shooting down a Russian military plane, Turkey was in the network. Could Ankara be motivated by Washington in the spirit of “you — NATO”?

Remember… commentary on “probabilities which cannot be underestimated.” When former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (Ahmet Davutoğlu) has thrown down the gauntlet, saying on TV: “the Order to shoot down I gave,” to which he relied?

Could the answer to this question is that in the first hours of the event Ankara turned to NATO, recalled that “in the event of an attack on any NATO country the rest of the members will take her side”?

A statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin in those days in the spirit “instead of having to call and apologize, they turned to NATO” evidence in favor of this theory.

The result… the Relations between Turkey and Russia “was frozen”. Now in the hands of Ankara was not “Russian card” that she could put on the table in response to the US pressure.

The US is so emboldened in their support of the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) that in the world leaked photos depicting officers with the YPG logo on the sleeves.

Although… the Problem with the fact that a Russian aircraft in 17 seconds violated Turkish airspace, Turkey would solve absolutely other methods.

For example, breaching the border of the plane could be moved outside of the airspace, escorted by several F-16. But then, if the violation continued for 17 seconds and longer…

A similar situation occurred in the first years of chaos in Syria. At that time the sight of US was Assad… the Relations between Turkey and Syria experienced the best period.

… And Suddenly Assad became the worst enemy. Now, the U.S. has hit the missiles at an air base in Syria.

Syria, which is committing crimes against humanity by dropping bombs with sarin on the civilian population, of course, deserve this punitive slap.

However… there was a confrontation: on the one hand, the US, the EU and the Gulf monarchies, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the other — Russia and Iran. Ankara has rightly taken the side of USA.

But… No need to repeat “mistakes”, about which I said above.

In a period when relations with Russia are only beginning to develop, a kind of immense, disproportionate commitment of the USA, EU, Gulf countries don’t need to give again to “tame” us.

And the United States, launching missiles “Tomahawk”, does not occupy a position that would demonstrate their intention to continue until this “one-time” event.

The main objective of trump — not even more intervention in Syria and overthrow Assad and create the image of a “strong President within the United States.”

By the way, statements from Washington were made in the spirit of “continue the fight against ISIS together with Russia.”