Doctors have found a new useful property of olive oil

The hydroxytyrosol contained in olive oil reduces the negative effect of excessive consumption of animal fats. In particular, this substance has antioxidant properties and exerts a protective action on liver, heart and brain.

This was announced by doctors from the University of Chile, which together with foreign colleagues have identified a new useful property of olive oil.

According to scientists, the human body contained in olive oil compound is involved in synthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in the health of blood vessels.

To such conclusions researchers came after experiments on mice. Rodents were divided into four groups, one of which, in particular, were fed with a high content of animal fats and olive oil. After finding such a 12-week diet of animals took samples of blood and tissues.

The resulting analysis showed that mice who consumed the oil, not the increased content of cholesterol in the blood, in contrast to rodents, which were fed exclusively in animal fats.

Experts believe that the findings in relation to mice hold true for humans. Scientists recommend the use of hydroxytyrosol-containing foods in the diet.