How to wean yourself from eating at night

If you are trying to lose weight probably already felt in the evening, you are attacked by a wild hungry when you can eat all the contents of your fridge. Make the problem worse hands and busy brain, for example, while reading a fascinating book or watching an interesting transmission. These few evening hours can completely kill all your efforts in the gym and negate the effectiveness of the diet. Well, we have 8 little ways to stop, finally, this evening, writes

1. Brush your teeth

It may sound a bit naive, but really, it works. Once you have brushed your teeth after dinner, in the brain receives the signal that your “diner’s closed,” and the appetite lowers its position. Especially after the refreshing mint toothpaste taste of food seems disgusting. Perhaps this may even be enough to dissuade yourself from an evening snack. In addition, you may not want the second time to go brush teeth – lazy to their advantage!

2. Empty your inventory

If the fridge and the cupboard, there are no cookies, chips, bread and cold cuts for sandwiches, what you eat? Unless you want to get off the couch, dressed again in street clothes and shoes, to get myself to a store just to buy a pack of cookies or halva? Empty your inventory beforehand, remove all unwholesome food. Let in the fridge are fruits and vegetables. If you still tempt consumers with fresh cucumber or tomatoes, you will be surprised how delicious they were. And why you never had the idea to eat vegetables? Well, if we eat with a clear conscience.

3. Turn off the TV

We all have our habits. For example, I can’t eat the morning porridge, if you do not read the book. And my brother is watching TV only with a bowl of popcorn. What habits do you have? Surely, you eat, mostly watching movies or gear. It is time to change your habits. Watching TV while running on a treadmill or on a stationary bike, but refrain from ice cream, tea with a sandwich or chips. Better yet, turn off the TV and go to sleep. So you better sleep on weekdays will feel fresher the next day and maybe even make a morning jog.

4. Go to bed earlier

Proven way: the sooner you sleep, the less you will eat. Try to go no later than 2 hours after dinner, so you are guaranteed will still not hungry to want to eat, and after half an hour will sleep soundly and safely lose weight during sleep. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of early sleep for one day tired of the body. But you will feel it after a few days of early laying. You will also notice a positive change on the scales during a regular weigh-in: imagine lost without additional training. Great, right?

5. Take your hand

If your hands are free, they invariably reach for the food, I checked many times. Consider to take them. For example, if you take up knitting or embroidery, the food just will not be able to get to you in the mouth, in view of the employment of hands and attention, abstract activity. You can also just take a stroll after dinner or do some housework. However, a much more pleasant and useful to spend the time crafting: it’s a hobby, and leisure, and pleasure.

6. Exit the house

If your fridge and pantry full of tempting treats, and you feel you can’t resist temptation, get up and walk away from the house. Go outside, ride a bike, play outside with the kids or walk the dog. In the end, wash the car or do something in the garden, sweep the yard, chat with a neighbor down the street, only away from these terrible snacks!

7. Call a friend

If you don’t help either one of the above methods, it’s time to seek help. Most likely, your friend will be able to regain your confidence and to instruct on the right path. It is urgent to come and join you for a walk or offer to watch the show together over the phone. At least you will feel supported, and you will feel better.

8. Scare yourself with the consequences

If you manage to beat the extra weight and now you are on the maintenance diet, place in the refrigerator door, where you were still full. Every time a hand reaches for the refrigerator, the photo serves as a reminder to you of what you did, and you know that it wasn’t easy. Whether you want to go back? Oh, no, the sandwiches aren’t worth the sacrifice! Well, if you’ve always been slim and your goal is only to maintain their figure for as long as possible, can stick on the door photo fat woman. Think about what you can be just like, if you do not change your behavior. Hopefully, this will stop you from making a wrong step.