Horoscope for April 9-15: the Lions cannot change the place of work, and the Fish need to find a common profitable business with spouses

ARIES. Thanks to the tremendous acting potential, you are able to fly a rocket into space and reach the correct orbit. Satisfy the interests of the environment, don’t hurt anyone, get rid of financial, sexual, psychological dependence. Be diplomats, you must have worked out their own tactics. Then the heroic crossing of the event will be a win, but with the assistance of longtime secret backers in the business team.

Material requests — this is the main incentive to work, to work for peanuts—not to respect themselves. You deserve better. Negotiate with employers for pay, poteryaete a good chance — then it will be too late.

Have breeding pairs of deja vu, repent before the missus in sins, and your Union will get a new breath. If you suffer from disharmony in the Union partner is not to blame, it really is harmful cons of your spiritual Outlook.

TAURUS. Your site behind the scenes, there is a karmic unfolding the main events. Do not impose anything to anyone, go with the flow, then life ship will dock it to the right Bank. Privacy — a wonderful helper and healer while to disentangle the threads of anxieties, contradictions, errors accumulated in the course of the year. Pray, clean the heart from passions, redeeming guilt of the offenders. And ask God that he fill your soul with kindness and love.

But if circumstances require, do not give up, connect martial enthusiasm and act.

The service will have to chase yesterday, working to clean up debris, making up for lost time and opportunities.

In relationships with friends, show off sensual altruism and sacrifice. Here still there is a working out of karmic debt.

GEMINI. Arena and succeed-the society, friendly area. In a team you are an informal leader, able to wisely use the resource group to meet their own interests. Activate old and tie new friendships, fraternal replenish the ranks of individuals who breathe with you one interests.

In the professional sphere hovers the spirit of the past (something here not finished yet), create! If the case is like — it’s perfect! Don’t work for prestigious status and try to get the maximum personal satisfaction from employment, a hobby.

Heart sky shines the sun of love, you truly love, the answer companions back together and take care of the family nest.

The test of maturity in the Union are ongoing (until the end of the year), but this crafty plotting, so be alert!

CANCERS. Forget about the rest, life is beautiful in its unpredictability! Around spontaneous raging winds, guiding your ideas in a progressive direction. Future calls to get rid of conservative systems, patterns of thinking. “Tear the soles on the go”, mobile and resourceful follow management orders.

Want to keep the business afloat to back away, to stagnate is not. Keep pace with the progress of mastering innovative technologies, break everything that has outlived itself, mentally exhausted! If it is difficult, lean on old friends, Boyfriends, acquaintances.

When assignments keep your eyes open, at the risk of irreparable blunders because of the machinations of the evil one. You need not quantity, but brilliant as in any business.

Have a family have a rest, relax, there is a sincere gracious atmosphere.

LIONS. Promote yourself, fight for the reputation of the mentor, gaining the sympathy of the public. Personal philosophy of life in connection with spiritual progress changes dramatically, get rid of the ballast of old beliefs, forgiving persons who no longer fit the “standards” of your interests is an empty vacancy will be filled quickly!

The atmosphere in the office the office is tense to the limit, but it is here in the innovative turmoil and your future is forged. Don’t hurt him conservatism! And be sure to clean the Augean stables. It is a pledge of credibility with superiors and material growth.

To change jobs yet.

If someone does not pay his debts (moral, material), forget about them. This is your karmic creditor. Rely on yourself, the professionals need not threatened.

VIRGO. Keep charming pious on a leash, otherwise they will lead rivals. You will cementitous common desires, interests and sexual harmony. Try to make a spice of diversity in intimate life.

On the business front, do not miss a good chance, laid the basis of cooperation and prosperity of joint business for the next year. To rascality partners, finding investors is not so easy, need a unique original approach. However, you will find it, go for it! Just do not stick fold (in a fit of selfishness). Walk the blade can how to get rich and go bankrupt.

And keep in mind: the vector of fateful situations passes through the territory office. Then solve the “overgrown with moss” is an old problem.

LIBRA. You want peace — prepare for war. And be afraid to turn into a dogmatic conservative, than provoke competition, which will adversely affect his career, personal reputation, the home.

Now life is a combat ring where you can send in a knockout, but still have a chance to “draw”, if you use diplomatic skills, not to allow themselves to be exploited. However, the commitments is a labor of unprocessed karma. The fate of the “bends” in order to remove the debt.

To keep pace with partners, adapt to their unpredictable magic and parry in time in response.

They bossed, broadcast orders for the future (which you are not ripe), so play by their rules, but all the cards do not open. Throw away the cards when necessary to benefit.

SCORPIONS. You are at the peak of professional skill, fiery, workaholic, great innovators, inventors. And most importantly, in demand in society (if not bad, deviated from the right path). Example of routine colleagues, not wishing to March in step with progress.

However, the climate in the team busy, do not engage in discussions with colleagues, work hard, earn money, get rich spiritually. Parallel to take care of health. Overwork is contraindicated. All work and no play.

If someone in the “counter” for compromise, challenge fate, to turn rivals into friends, practical allies. All thriftily. Only joint efforts will bear fruit.

Money is not transite, check the watch of the desires, the need to buy something can inspire crafty.

Children and loved ones regret, still continues the karmic band.

ARCHERS. At heart the spring of love. If you are single, go out on a romantic hunt and launch the love arrows, they hit their intended target. Create, love, have fun in the art of seduction of the opposite sex you will not. The main thing — to bring happiness and to inspire others, beside you people need to grow wings.

Couples to have fun together, your feelings flourished, laying a solid Foundation for further co-existence.

Main task: give as much as possible in the surrounding space energy of love, which will return a hundredfold.

Keep your hand on career (biznesowa) the remote, to plunge into the family business (to retire) is impossible.

In my abode of deja vu, live in peace and harmony with the household — may 10 here is working out (a) past mistakes.

CAPRICORNS. Direct strategic, material and energy resources on family issues, where the spirit of modernization. You — the captain of the family ship, original owner hard-working, caring father, reliable, loving partner. For children, a favorite treat with the maximum attention. They play a crucial role. The old career plans are implemented successfully, everything that we planned goes though with wheelspin, but productive, due to long-standing patrons of the powerful. The main thing — everywhere, both at home and at work and in a timely manner, depending on the circumstances, to change tactics.

If plagued by sores, double check the diagnosis, here is the culprit of misinformation can become unclean. To mislead you and astrasat — that is his goal.

AQUARIANS. You communicate with people, short trips, friendly gatherings, secular parties, fresh experience necessary as air, to raise the tone, the exchange of business experiences, professional knowledge. Reconcile personal freedom with the demands of the environment, go to meet their needs.

The family hearth unfold life-changing event, where in the event of a dispute you should give and to meet the requirements of the family. Then private interests will not suffer. Do not be selfish!

Sit the hen on the spot is impossible. Movement is life. A trip to a Holy place (before you were there), away from home will have a positive impact on spiritual development. In a pinch, you can ponostalgirovat mentally.

If you really want something, violent desires, broken on the rocks of obstacles, humbly suffering is karmic payment for past mistakes.

FISH. Try to position itself in public, engage in internal development. If you are looking for a lucrative job, success accompanies you. Hammer iron is hot, take the original proposal (you can earn an unconventional way). Future career (business) ghostly, it is ruled a ball of demonic power, so if you have spiritual armor is impenetrable, everything will be fine. The main thing — to be in harmony with the restless “want” to strike a balance between “give” and “to”. However, if you skimp, do not ridicule the greedy, then you owe him and should pay.

Our primary objective is to invest its own resources in a good cause.

This week’s settlement with others, when fate sends “creditors” from the past. Married couples to strengthen relationships need to find a common practical case is an interesting and profitable.