How to choose a reliable delivery service

Even in recent times, service delivery of correspondence and cargoes could be counted on the fingers of one hand, and now there are plenty to choose from.

“In recent years, in this market there are new participants, — says Marina Potapenko, commercial Director of the company, which is already fifteen years, regularly uses the services of delivery services. — On the background of the company to which we previously applied for many years, look not so attractive”.

PREVALENCE. “What’s in them before was annoying, so it’s a great turn, says Potapenko. — Every time I had to waste time on sending and on receipt of the goods. They were able to solve this problem by opening many new offices and the reorganization of work in them.” From this we can consider that the most important criterion for the success of service delivery — number of branches and their convenient location, virtually no one in this criteria from the competitors is very difficult and sometimes impossible to compensate.

For example, take the service, the advantages of which include high speed. From Kiev to any destination in Ukraine they undertake to deliver the goods within 24 hours (in practice, this happens even faster), and one end of the country to another — for 48 hours. Such speed can boast, not all services. They have very competitive rates — send from the capital a five-kilogram parcel size 30х20х10 cm with delivery to the warehouse in Lviv or Kharkov will cost (with “zero” insurance) to 37,24 UAH. But in those cities they only have one branch, not to each recipient conveniently get to them. Shipping to door of the addressee will cost 67,24 UAH, that is 30 UAH more expensive. But if your recipient lives in Chuguev, just 28 km from Kharkiv, where there is no office of this firm is delivery of the same parcel will cost unimaginable 420 UAH.

Take now one of the leading companies that acquired a large number of branches. It is the same parcel will be delivered to the Department within 45 UAH, and to the door of the recipient — only 10 UAH more expensive for 55 UAH — in Lviv, at least in Chuguev. Because the more in each city offices and more intense flow of goods, the cheaper company costs and shipping individual parcels “to the door”.

It is important the number of branches and their convenient location.

RATES. Simplified arithmetic and counting the cost. No longer need as before, to determine in the table the mileage between settlements or the corresponding number of the tariff plan, and then this number together with the weight of the load frame to the specified formula. Now features — user-friendly tariff calculator on the website of the company, and the rates in most cases, extremely simplified. For example, for a parcel within Ukraine — UAH is 5.6, for every kilogram — plus 4 UAH. A simple table how much is the shipment between settlements (no matter what), depending on the weight of the load: 100 g — 20 UAH, 500 g — 25 UAH, etc. Most operators require in tariff calculators accurately define the dimensions of the parcel. Alternatively, the rate can be calculated within a certain standard size, and exceeding it is counted a mark of “bulky” that increases the cost of the package.


There is probably no postal service, which never lost or ruined. In this case it is liable to the client in the shipping cost. But remember: the higher the value, we declare, the more we will have to pay. Usually this is actually the insurance premium is 0.5—1% of the value of the parcel. The operators take measures against those who too are trying to save on delivery, but would be ready to “tear the throat”, if the parcel does not reach. One of the companies you just can’t declare the value below a certain amount, for example, 200 UAH. Another declare any value, even 1 UAH, but you will still take like 200 UAH.

On the other hand, even the insurance companies are not always willing to pay what you owe. And even more — postal operators. Reluctance quickly, painlessly and in full to settle with the customer is one of the reasons for the loss of popularity of some operators. Thanks to the Internet, such stories are fast becoming known to potential customers. Such a lot of discussions in social networks, there are even specialized sites with reviews about the delivery services.

REVIEWS. To the comments about the work of the network should be approached with caution: nothing prevents the representatives of the company to fill the page with enthusiastic responses from the mythical customers. For example, on one of the sites, under the cap is not too well known operator, there is a series of almost identical form responses under various names: “Great service!..”, “Good service!..”, “I really liked it!..”. On the other hand, similarly, and whether “flushing” competitor a mountain of imaginary complaints. If we discard too obvious manifestations of both, it is mainly delivery service accused of three deadly sins: damage parcel (or stealing from them), large delays in delivery and inadequate staff conduct. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a single company, completely free from the above, although there are clear leaders of the negative. In such cases, pay attention to the company with complaints: the company responsible for the dissatisfaction of customers react in public, and some completely ignore such responses.