The results of the week: bezviz and the IMF loan


82% of MPs

The European Parliament endorsed on April 6 the European Commission’s proposal to grant Ukraine visa-free regime. This vote is actually determining the result of the process. But a formal decision must go through several stages, after which it will enter into force (tentatively in June-July this year).

3 million 25 thousand Ukrainians

have already received a biometric passport, which will allow you to travel to EU countries without visas. The results of such documents began in January 2015.

60 years

will be by 2021, the General retirement age for men and women in Ukraine. As stated by the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva, the government managed to convince IMF that raising the retirement age in the country to 63 years until you need it.

$1 billion

the fourth tranche of the IMF loan received in Ukraine, which in 2015 is implementing a four-year program Fund EFF extended Fund, which expects to receive about $17 billion.

from April 3

in test mode, which will last until July 1, began working public electronic register of VAT refunds.

7 thousand new cars

was sold in March, which was a new post-crisis record. Car sold 43% more than a year ago. Sales growth was observed in the vast majority of brands, and some companies have been able to double or even triple your sales. In the first three months of the year sales increased by 35%.

17% more

in 2016 paid income tax all insurance companies of Ukraine than a year ago to 950 million UAH. reported in Natskomfinuslug. 68% tax on insurers for insurance other than life insurance, 7% – on life insurance and 4% on reinsurance. In 2015, these shares were, respectively, 61%, 4% and 4%.

19.6 years

is now the average age of vehicles in Ukraine, which is the worst figure since the early 2000s, reported in MTIBU. The country was about 9.1 million vehicles, of which 53,4% are cars produced in the Soviet period, or manufactured in the CIS countries.

increased by 11.6%

in 2016, the number of accidents in Ukraine – to 154556. The number of victims has remained almost unchanged and amounted to 25547. These are the data of MTIBU.

exceeded 8 billion UAH.

customs in the first quarter of the indicative plan of state budget revenues, reported by SFS. According to the Law on state budget for 2017, the service had the opportunity to use 10% of the amount exceeding the indexes of the proceeds to the development of the customs infrastructure.


13.8% more

budget received in the first quarter of the income of the state budget. Tax revenue in March was 35.2% more budget, and in January-March, 16.9% more. But the little good, because unplanned growth of tax collection means increased pressure on business.

$16.7 billion

reached the volume of international reserves of the NBU – the highest level since the middle of 2014 – with the support of external partners: $1 billion (equivalent) received from the IMF and $600 million from the EU.

downgraded from 2.9% to 2%

IMF GDP growth forecast for Ukraine to 2017 in connection with the blockade of uncontrolled territories and the loss of control over the co-located businesses, but downgraded the forecast in 2018, from 3% to 3.1%. Also, the IMF confirmed its forecast of inflation to 10% in 2017 and 7% in 2018, and even slightly improved the estimate of the budget deficit from 3.1% of GDP to 3% of GDP this year and from 2.6% to 2.5% of GDP. This forecast coincides with the last forecast of the NBU.

reduced by 8%

in January-March Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises steel production compared to the same period in 2016. According to “Ukrmetallurgprom”, rolled products output decreased by 8%, cast iron – by 14%. The production of pipes grew by 32%, and coke decreased by 21%.

increased by 5.4%

the average sale price of electricity in the wholesale market by producers in March 2017 compared with a February – to 949,4 UAH./MWh, according to the GP “energy”.

21% less

than a year ago took gas from underground storage during the past heating season. According to “Ukrtransgaz”, April 3 it was in the vaults of 8.23 billion cubic meters of gas.

The world

$53,06 billion

reached market capitalization of electromobile of Tesla. It was the most expensive car USA company, edging out General Motors ($49.8 billion).

decreased by $266 billion

world reserves of foreign currencies for the fourth quarter of 2016 with $of 11.06 trillion to $10,79 trillion, says the report of the IMF. This quarterly report is the first in which a separate line under reserves in the Chinese currency. The yuan was the eighth currency, which is considered separately, along with the U.S. dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Australian dollar, canadian dollar and the Swiss franc. Reserves in US dollars increased by $113 billion to $5,05 trillion, in Euro – declined by $19 billion to $1.56 trillion in yen – decreased by $14 billion to $333 billion in Reserves in RMB amounted to $84,5 billion.

10% of turnover

was last year the dividends of the BMW group, the comparable figure for Daimler – 8,4%. These were the most profitable automakers in the world, evidenced by the results of a study of the consulting company EY. However, the number of sales remains Toyota and Volkswagen.

66 billion cubic meters of gas

were seized over the past heating season from European stores (last year – 46,33 billion cubic meters). Before resuming pumping of the vault was filled to 25,64% (last year – by 35.16%). The selection of gas last year was initiated with the fullness of the storage 91,66%, according to data information platform Gas Infrastructure Europe.

increased by $7.6 trillion

the amount of global debt burden (including the corporate sector, households, public sector) for the year 2016 — to $215 trillion, or 325% of GDP. That’s $70 trillion more than it was a decade ago, according to the Washington Institute of International Finance (IIF). In developed countries, the debt burden is still higher than the developing — $160 trillion, or 390% of their combined GDP. For ten years the increase amounted to $32 trillion, it is mainly due to the increase in government debt (about 70% to 115% of GDP).

Of 138.5 GW

made increase the global capacity of renewable energy sources in 2016, compared with of 127.8 GWh a year earlier. The volume of investment in the sector fell 23% to $241,6 billion compared to $312,2 billion in the previous year. This is largely due to the decrease in value of the unit capacity: average capital cost per megawatt of electricity in the field of solar energy and wind power fell by 10%. In 2016 the share of renewable energy accounted for 55% of all new power generating capacity.

4.58 billion euros

built the income of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) in the season 2015/2016. The costs of the organization amounted to 3.55 billion euros. Proceeds from the sale of rights for TV broadcasting amounted to EUR 3.19 billion (70% of the total), the implementation of the commercial rights to 928 million euros (20%), ticket sales — 429 million (9%). Also UEFA earned 34.4 million Euro in other areas.