What you have to say trump in the first meeting with Putin

Although President trump and likes to rely on his instincts, his meeting this week with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg, Germany requires thorough preparation and direct conversation. McMaster, Advisor to trump on national security, in an interview with reporters, said: “we Have no specific agenda”. He added: “the President may choose any topic of conversation.” It’s too haphazard and risky.

Although Putin’s actions domestically and abroad is often unacceptable, personal exchanges with him can help to avoid suspicion and misinterpretations, which have accumulated enough. Mr. trump needs to put aside its stated admiration for Putin by force and instead to put in front of the Russian President some tough questions. This meeting is not to exchange friendly courtesies, and to discuss urgent problems. The agenda will be quite busy.

Trump simply won’t be able to judge in a conversation with Putin, Russia’s attempts to intervene in the presidential election of 2016. The American President needs to clearly give to understand that the United States will not tolerate this, period. Of course, this is a difficult question for trump, as he faced the consequences of the Russian intervention, and now against him, the special adviser are conducting the investigation. However, during his first meeting with Mr Putin, the American President should not hesitate to clearly state their position. He doesn’t need to show too much desire to return the two used for spying on the Russian land seized by the United States in December last year. It was a belated response to President Barack Obama for Russia’s intervention in the American elections.

About Ukraine trump also need to show commitment. Russia provoked an armed uprising, she seized the Crimea in violation of international norms and continues to fuel violence in the Donbas. Trump should explain clearly to Putin that the United States will abandon sanctions in connection with Ukraine, and this will continue until, until you complete the provisions of the peace agreements.

The two leaders should discuss the Syrian conflict to avoid direct confrontation, although Washington and Moscow pursue a completely different military purposes. Trump should at least try to convince Putin to recognize the need for the formation of the government, which will be headed by Bashar al-Assad, as well as the region in which Iran will not take a dominant position. For trump it would be useful to raise the issue that was raised recently, in particular by Senator Sam Nunn and former Russian foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, on the resumption of broader contacts between the Russian and American military.

In addition, in both countries ‘ interests would be the resumption of cooperation in the field of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the resolution of the impasse over the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range. Even in the darkest periods of the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union did not break contact with each other, and today the need for such a communication no less.

The upcoming meeting is likely to satisfy the desire for Putin to present himself as a global leader, and it will try to detect the tramp signs of weakness. Putin suffers from the long-existing misunderstanding of the West and the United States, and to remedy this situation is possible only in direct conversation, in that case, if the corresponding message will be carefully prepared.