Scientists explained the real purpose of the lines on the palms

Palmists for centuries claim that the lines on the palms can determine the destiny of man. Scientists have refuted these judgments and explain their real meaning, according to “Orthodox”.

The human body is a unique and multi-functional mechanism. Description and definition of each organ of the human body can take more than one hour. Scientists are interested in the question of the origin of the lines on the palms, so they decided to elaborate on this issue.

The lines on the palms, like a fingerprint, unique and unrepeatable. Each person they are different. Science more radically looks at their causes than palmistry.

Scientists believe that there are no relationships between the line on the palm and the destiny of man can not be. It’s not even a line – in essence, it’s the wrinkles in the skin. They are formed in utero and in the first 12 weeks of fetal development. These folds are intended for bending of the hands that the man was more comfortable to manage them. Usually people have at birth, there are three folds on the palms. They can vary in thickness and branching of the

Sometimes it happens in newborns and one crease on the palm. Such cases have a one time three thousand and speak about any developmental abnormalities or pathologies. In medicine it is called a singular increase, which may indicate the occurrence of down syndrome, Turner Arcega and other abnormalities.