Why you should not pursue happiness

Everyone is investing in the concept of happiness is something different, its content may change in different stages of life and under the influence of external circumstances. But we all want to be happy, regardless of what is in this moment of “happiness”. This desire determines our behavior and decisions. But somehow, despite their best efforts, in some way to the happiness lasts for a very long time, others did not get to experience this feeling, and someone who enjoys every moment of life, not philosophizing about the struggle for happiness, writes likar.info.

If you among those who constantly feels unhappy, try to stop hunt for happiness and look at the world differently.

What is happiness

The answer to this question people looking for many centuries. Philosophers and psychologists define happiness as the state corresponding to the greatest internal satisfaction to conditions of existence of a particular person, fullness and meaning of his life, fulfilling his own purpose.

No need to put equality between “happiness” and “pleasure”. Yes, pleasure is important to happiness, but not enough. First, not all pleasure leads to happiness. For example, tasty food is fun, but it many appear overweight who mentally or physically can get in the way to be happy. Secondly, as research shows that people who concentrated their energies on superficial or material pleasures, more anxious, less emotionally stable and ultimately less happy.

Like any mental condition, happiness cannot be bought (unlike pleasure), or to force yourself to feel it. It appears by itself, as a result of commitment to goals and self-improvement.

What causes the infinite loop

The pursuit of happiness, the subconscious human desire. And it is natural as long as the struggle for the happiness does not go into infinite loop on this idea and does not capture the mind. Often concerned with the search for happiness people are so keen on “hunting” and focus on their sensations and experiences that they cease to notice the world and people around. Gradually friends and acquaintances are destroyed, the support of loved ones is waning, and people sooner or later notice that he was alone.

Fixated on the idea of becoming happy people chasing the available pleasures (food, entertainment, sex), and/or engages in excessive self-examination and self-flagellation. As a result, the energy that could be spent on pursuit of its goal and perfection goes on nagging and the quest for temporary pleasures.

How to help yourself become happy

The pursuit of happiness does not guarantee the result, or even may aggravate the emotional state if we become addicted to our desires. But this does not mean that people should give up. We can help ourselves to be happy, not to dwell on this idea.

First of all, you need to protect yourself and care for yourself. So try to eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep. This will ensure good physical condition and mental attitude, improve mental ability, improve performance. Proper sleep will keep your brain from negative memories and allow you to better remember the little moments.

One of the important factors of happiness is communication with family and friends. Do not neglect those who are dear to you and who cherish you.

Get rid of the habit to compare yourself with others. If you do not give rest that someone smarter, prettier, more successful you – remember that each person is unique, there is something special in you. Don’t compare yourself to those who you think are better than you – it will strengthen the dissatisfaction with his life.

To feel happier, try to do good for others. And do not dwell on the past – it is better to remove the lessons from it and live the present.

Learn to be grateful to the people and destiny for pleasant moments and events from his life. After all, the sense of gratitude also helps to be happy as it improves the level of life satisfaction.

There is nothing wrong, that sometimes one feels unhappy. Indeed, as mentioned above, happiness is a state of mind and it may change. Remember that if today you feel depressed, tomorrow, happiness will return to you. Be prepared for the fact that when a solid “advantages” in life may one day come a time opposite States. It is a psychological law of the pendulum.