Budget police mission in the Donbass about 900 million euros in the year – Marchuk

Peacekeepers will not go to the conflict zone where the parties have not agreed to begin divorce forces not agreed to accept a peacekeeping mission. About this site “Today” on the sidelines of the II Ukrainian forum on defense and security, said the representative of Ukraine in the security subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Yevhen Marchuk.

“Peacekeeping is a very complex procedure. This was already the President said. What does it mean to send to Ukraine’s peacekeeping contingent? For this Ukraine appealed to the security Council. The Russian Federation has the right to “veto”? Is. Russia agree to this? No. And the peacekeepers are only there where there is consent of the parties. Imagine that Russia is not blocked. The UN security Council, makes decisions. Further, the security Council appeals to the countries that have experience in peacekeeping (and Ukraine has the experience) and gives them a request to give consent to participate in the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. What does it mean? These countries at home, the parliaments of these countries must decide what their citizens-the military will go somewhere there is Ukraine, where there is a risk of death because peacekeepers with weapons”, – says Evgeny Marchuk.

After that, according to him, the security Council creates a command and an advanced group that goes to the line, where will the mission. “She studies all that it needs to do the mission. 426 km front line (or collision), 406,7 km of an uncontrolled border. Actual combat, the de facto front line. The peacekeepers are not combatants, they are not on anyone’s side do not fight. When the parties agreed, peacekeepers are bred… But there are all sorts of adventurers, violations, etc. Their task is to move the parties to prevent violations, but by force. What? In the Ukrainian case, it can be armored personnel carriers… And if you still remember what said Zakharchenko, remember? As soon as the police mission was discussed, what did he say? “Just let one armed “obsessis” set foot on our territory, we shoot,” recalls the former head of the SBU and ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Another problem is the budget, because the UN should allocate a budget for the peacekeeping mission. Today, according to Yevhen Marchuk, the budget of the OSCE mission OSCE SMM in Ukraine – the largest in postwar years. “When calculated, the budget police mission given the fact that they have armored vehicles, wages, risks, insurance, is about 900 million euros per year. And the budget of the peacekeeping force even more. Well, there’s a political nuance when the mission comes, it is a practical freezing of the conflict. But not always, because there are examples for the former Yugoslavia, when this conflict then unfroze, where he worked as peacekeepers at different levels. This means that you need to give an answer to the political question. To summarize: the consent of the parties temporarily occupied territories and Russia, and already it is known that agreement they will not, no peacekeepers will not go to the area where the parties have not agreed to start the divorce and refused to accept a peacekeeping mission. I personally do not see that, first, the introduction of peacekeepers will occur easily, and secondly that this something will lead. Russia has a big experience in Georgia including,” – said Marchuk.

Can also be all sorts of incidents and clashes, or when armed police mission or peacekeepers to use weapons. “Fired… or killed civilians. Further, on the basis of a law policeman or peacemaker used weapons on the territory of Ukraine, with the result that people were killed? Ukrainian or international legislation? Well, international has the priority. But remember, Russia negotiate the election, she would agree only under the condition that they (the peacemakers-observers – Ed.) will only with pistols and will provide choices. Question: is the OSCE mission, they came in an election, starts a conflict. He comes into conflict , he was shot, he fired and he killed someone. How to continue from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation? Who investigates? Well, besides the fact that the OSCE”, – summed up Evgeny Marchuk.

We will remind, on April, 23rd the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, during which the parties discussed the placement in the Donbass international peacekeeping force under UN auspices.