Finnish researchers: the forest is a powerful way of dealing with stress

“The benefits of nature the person receives involuntarily. Nature affects him one way or another way, and the strength of this impact is different. Of course, the sense of security plays a big role, it is important that forest, for example, not scared,” — says Professor at the Centre for natural resources Finland Tarvainen Liisa (Liisa Tyrväinen).

Liisa Tyrvainen, which has long studied the beneficial effects of the forest, says that the positive effects can be felt within 15 minutes. But the more You are in the woods, the stronger its effect.

The impact of exposure to nature on the prevention of diseases and their treatment began to attach more importance since the number of confirmations increases. At the moment, in the center of the natural resources of Finland find out what the Finnish forest can be considered “therapeutic”, that is, a place where people would get for yourself the most benefit.

“The more, quieter and safer area, cleaner air and a sense of peace in the forest,” says Liisa Tormanen.

For example, a health center in the town of sipoo organizes nature walks for type two diabetes and people who are in mild depression. The idea of healing the forest came to Finland from other countries. In Japan, medical forests are common.

“Move in nature, grow something for your table.”

Research Professor Emeritus of clinical Allergology Haahtela Tari (Tari Haahtela) and her colleagues indicate that reducing the contact with nature is the reason for the increase of many diseases.

“We need to fully realize that we are connected with nature not only through sight and hearing, but also through what we eat and we drink, what we breathe and touch,” says Tari was Haahtela.

Rapid urbanization could drain the human microbiome. This, according to Haahtela may be one reason for the increasing occurrence of allergies, asthma, diabetes, enteritis and even Alzheimer’s disease. The protective system may respond incorrectly.

“It seems that in the current environment, inflammatory processes are run too frequently and in situations where they would have to begin,” says Tari was Haahtela.

According to Haahtela, it is necessary to increase the presence of nature in city life. Everyone should be more in touch with nature.

She gives examples:

“Move more in nature. Grow something for your table, at least in summer on the plot next to the house, on the terrace, in the flower boxes or anywhere.”

Society of health and of the environment of Finland organised a joint cleanup

This week the world wildlife Fund WWF and the Association of allergies and asthma Finland demanded the protection of the diversity of nature to ensure the health of citizens. According to the representatives of these associations, modern health care not enough to resist the new diseases, therefore, requires a new approach.

“Is to prove that there is a direct relationship between decrease in the diversity of nature and the increase of allergies,” says the managing Director of the Association of Allergy and asthma Ilkka Repo (Ilkka Repo).

“A simple solution is to increase activity in nature. All problems this will not solve, but it can strengthen our immune system and improve health,” — said Ilkka Repo.

On work days organizations are going to tidy the surrounding area and encourage more people to move in nature.