The flaws in the Russian narrative about the chemical attack in Syria

The Russian government strongly denied the reports of eyewitnesses and foreign leaders about the chemical attack in Northern Syria, which was held Tuesday and resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people. That’s what they say about the reliability of Russian statements the available evidence.

Was there a chemical attack

Russian Deputy representative to the UN on Wednesday questioned whether it was struck with chemical weapons, saying that available online rescuers and activists of the pictures are fake.

But no evidence of fraud these videos and pictures. They show that on Tuesday in Khan Sheyhun in Northern Syria, killed many people, including children. The symptoms indicate that they have suffered from nerve gas sarin type. About these symptoms are also told by rescuers and survivors.

When was inflicted airstrike

The Russian defense Ministry said Tuesday that the Syrian air force attacked the Eastern outskirts of Khan shaykhun from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 PM.

Witnesses, doctors and rescue workers say that the toxic substance spread through the city after the bombing, which was carried out from 6:30 to 7:30 in the morning, that is, five hours earlier. It is unclear how air strikes were inflicted that day, and what time they were conducted.

Goal kick

Russian officials, referring to its monitoring system, argue that the Syrian air force struck belonging to the militants arsenals of weapons, including, according to “the warehouse terrorists”, which they made filled with chemical toxic substances in the shells, sending them to militants in Iraq.

Independent evidence of the existence in the area of the object with chemical weapons there. Some witnesses reported the morning RAID, said that the second blow was struck by the hospital that treated the victims.

In addition, if the blow was inflicted on the object of chemical weapons, the explosion of toxic substances ignited what international experts say weapons. In addition, in this warehouse are unlikely to become stored in active form nerve gas sarin, as to achieve the lethal effect of its components should be mixed.

Who is responsible

Russian officials claim that the blame for the rebels who did the chemical weapons destroyed on Syrian aircraft stock. Russian Deputy representative to the UN said Wednesday that fighting with the government troops of President Bashar al-Assad, the Islamists previously applied in Iraq and Syria chemical weapons, including chlorine, mustard gas and nerve poisons. He also stated that the militants in 2013, used sarin gas against the inhabitants of the capital suburbs around Damascus.

Western leaders, including President trump accused the Syrian government that it carried out Tuesday’s fatal attack. They also demanded that the Assad supporters Russia and Iran called on the Syrian President to account. In August 2013 near Damascus were attacked with chemical weapons, which killed 1 400 people. The investigation conducted by the United States and the Western powers, showed that the attack was carried out by the Syrian government.