Poroshenko: “Russia wants to incite Poland to Ukraine”

President Petro Poroshenko believes that Russia is trying to split Ukraine and Poland, setting up the poles against the Ukrainians. He said this during the Kyiv security forum, reports 112.ua.

According to Poroshenko, the key task of Russia – to destabilize Ukraine.

“Intensified repression in the Crimea, to silence dissidents. Moscow wants to incite Poland to Ukraine. It started with the burning and vandalism,” said Poroshenko.

He noted that democratic Ukraine could become a threat for Russia.

“Ukraine has taken the path of democracy, it has become a threat to Moscow, but there, young took to the streets, for the human spirit to overcome the impossible. … Russia wants to put us in the world, which is described by the Strugatsky brothers in his famous novel. This is a world run by oligarchs who are only interested to have power and to enjoy power. This power is based on repression,” – said the head of state.