New easing of the quarantine in Ukraine: what will work from June 10

Not yet resolved the issue on opening of children’s camps, that the Cabinet today will discuss separately

Ukraine goes to the next stage of easing of the quarantine. Today permitted the holding of cultural events, opening of hotels and resorts. Chief sanitary doctor of the country Viktor Lyashko announced at the briefing of the conditions of such institutions.

“The next stage of easing of the quarantine focuses on the following areas: it is possible and allowed to open institutions of culture and carry out cultural activities in areas that reached our criteria (there are three conditions for mitigation of quarantine). Features open and cultural events is all employees is carried out temperature screening at the entrance hands are treated with antiseptics (both workers and visitors)”, – he said.

Lyashko said that the banned fan zones and other places of a mass congestion that will not allow you to observe social distance and ticket control at the outlet should be non – contact- barcode scanners. The number of people in the room – one person on 5 meters; if it is an outdoor concert, then 5 meters in a fenced area. All visitors must be in protective masks, and they only need to be placed on the seats, the distance between them should be half a meter (staggered).

“It is also allowed to open institutions, which provide accommodation services (except camps). Features: for online pre-registration, it is recommended to organize food in the rooms or in the observance of which currently operate in public eating places (the summer terrace or inside no more than four people at one table),” said the health officer and added that the issue of camps for the children today, the government will be discussed separately.

In addition, as reported in the headquarters of the United forces, today the demarcation line in the Donbas will open the crossing points. We have talked about how to work PPC.