“Put on the bottle was electrocuted”: victim of hunting on gays in Chechnya told about the torture

The victim’s hunting intelligence on homosexuals in Chechnya, spoke about the atrocities and applied to him the torture. Their testimonies were published by “Novaya Gazeta”, – “Browser”.

“A few years law enforcement officers have kept me on the hook. Blackmailed, I was paying money to the police: every month several tens of thousands. Hush. They were captured on video phone with my participation. Do the cops have the provocateurs, as a rule, drug addicts, who were caught,” – said one of the witnesses.

Due to periodic beatings and abuse of intelligence the man had to leave the country. According to him, such harassment of gays, which is happening now, was never. It began 20 February.

“The police took one guy under the “Lyrics” (pain pills) got into his phone, and there pornogalerea, videos, contacts, correspondences with other gay. It all come down to “Lord”, he was furious. These contacts began mass arrests. People took work home even if the person is simply not lucky enough to be listed in the phone book. Start a chain reaction,” the witness said.

“Detainees were tortured, imprisoned at the bottle, shocked. Some were beaten to death and returned to the family, in bag of bones. I know about the two deaths…” he added.

Second witness told about the mass arrest of homosexuals. “The territory where I was taken, looks abandoned, but it is not. It’s more like a closed prison, the existence of which is officially no one knows. In the next room sat “the Syrians” — the guys who were suspected of having links with those who are fighting in Syria, or their relatives, or those who foolishly went to Syria, disappointed and ran home,” he said

According to the man, there were a few dozen people, and the number is constantly changing, someone was released, then imported the new one. “We sat in a large stone room with the other prisoners. In this room we were allocated a small piece in the corner, about two by three meters, beyond which we were not allowed to leave. I sat there for days, weeks, some for months. Three times a day we were taken out to the toilet is a separate room on the street. Also several times a day we were taken out and beaten — it was called the interrogation, prevention, development — as you want. The main task they had to do is figure out your range of contacts,” – said the witness.

“We cling to the hands of the wires from the Taser and turned the handle of the Dynamo machine, worked out current. It hurts. I endured it as long as I could, then lost consciousness and fell. When current is produced and the body begins to shake, you cease to think and start yelling. All the while you sit and hear the screams of people being tortured,” added the man.

According to him, the beat is always just below the waist — legs, thighs, buttocks, lower back. “They said that we are “dogs that do not have the right to life.” Forced other prisoners to scoff at us. They sit there for years, most have lost hope for release. And much choice they have. We understand… to kill the pain, I became in opposition to the torture of biting her hand till it bleeds. And it helped,” he said.

Other victims the hunting of homosexuals reported that the detainees were practically not fed. Often beaten to death, applying the most sophisticated torture.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that several men were killed and hundreds more were detained as a result of hunting, which was organized in Chechnya, security forces on members of the LGBT community. It is reported by “Novaya Gazeta”, citing sources in local offices of the interior Ministry, the FSB, the Prosecutor’s office and the administration.

While LGBT-activists from Chechnya reported that expose local homosexuals with bogus posts. He argues that many of responding to these posts men were killed.

According to the newspaper, among the detained are the representatives of the Chechen Muftiate, including the well-known, influential and close to the head of the Republic, religious figures, as well as two well-known Chechen broadcasters.

Local security forces link the arrest with the filing of the LGBT activists from other regions of the notification on holding of shares in the cities of the North Caucasus, which sparked protests and aggressive reaction.