Endless Smolensk injury

After the Monday press conference of the Prosecutor’s office as a citizen can, on the one hand, feel the satisfaction as to the most important investigation in the country is treated with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. On the other hand, I boil completely natural anger. Ever since that tragic April morning it’s been 363 of the week, seven long years that we, society, had to find out what really happened at the airport near Smolensk, if the versions of the reports Tatyana Anodina and Jerzy Miller’s Commission (Jerzy Millera) does not correspond to the truth.


Seven years is a sufficient period of time to the Prosecutor’s office brought charges and the court sentenced the guilty, if any. While the investigation into the biggest national tragedy in recent decades has been convicted only one person. Outrageous comparison to all the questions that appeared in connection with the crash. Of course, I realize that the investigation of its circumstances did not contribute to neither the domestic policy nor the geopolitical situation. The government of Donald Tusk (Donald Tusk) was most profitable to close the coffin as quickly as possible. Not only because Smolensk issue has become political fuel for the opposition, but also (perhaps primarily) because to leave it open — meant to spoil relations with Russia.


And Moscow? It is difficult to doubt that the good intentions it was not originally. The accident occurred in its territory, and the Russians in part are responsible for it. She showed how deplorable were the technical conditions, have uncovered gross negligence in aviation, rescue and medical services in Russia. The involvement of the Russians to the tragedy is so obvious that Moscow has no other way but to consistently deny responsibility. To solve the Smolensk case to the end at this position of the Russians was difficult. It would be difficult to continue.

More important, however, is something else. In seven years the party “law and Justice” (PiS) has become a hostage of Smolensk. Because of the disaster on the banners and proving the hypothesis of the assassination, the party took upon themselves a moral obligation to uncover the truth. She’s already a year and a half in power, but the new truth we have not yet heard. External circumstances certainly have not changed. The Russians will be more inclined to cooperate. Working at the defense Department, the Subcommittee had not reported any new facts. And voters continue to wait when the party will keep his most important campaign promise.


Did the press conference of the Prosecutor’s office to move the business forward? In my opinion, one step away, but could clearly feel the tensions related to the approaching anniversary. The public needed something to show. But told her only about what we already know about cataloging physical evidence and international cooperation in their analysis, the preparation of a comprehensive expert report on the results of the exhumation. The most important was the message that the Russians are accused of intentionally provoking the collapse, and Russia sent on this occasion, the request for legal assistance. But does anyone believe that the Russians are going to answer it? From the press conference could bring one thing additional confirmation was received by the hypothesis that there was no explosion on Board and the disaster has led the actions of managers.


What was your reaction to the poles? A survey conducted for Rzeczpospolita Institute for market and social research (IBRiS), shows that today in the story of the assassination believe 14% of respondents, approximately half of the electorate “Law and Justice”. Some better poles evaluate the work of the Committee of the Ministry of defence — on the positive a little more than 20% of respondents. A lot or a little? The years go by, and I think that these results over time will be for “Law and Justice” even more disappointing. Maybe it’s time to change strategy.