Named pizzeria-the leader by quantity of cheese in the pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Our country is not an exception – it is a dish prepared by different recipes, can be sampled in each city. In Kiev, there are tens of companies and hundreds of institutions that spetsializiruyutsya on cooking this dish. Some of them develop and the restaurants, and takeaway food, others are limited to only shipping. Each network provides a service, has its own “chips”, bonuses for customers and their prices.

In the traditional sense of pizza – Italian national dish, which has the form of an open round thin cakes, in the classic version generously seasoned with tomatoes and melted cheese. The latter is a key element of the food (often mozzarella) and the more, the better is the pizza.

In the Kiev Institute of consumer expertise decided to figure out how much cheese actually gets to meals the most popular networks that sell pizza. Under the on got pizza medium size (30 cm in diameter) of companies such as Domino’s Pizza, Mafia, Pizza 33 Pizza House, Papa John’s, Mamamia, Mister Cat, Il Molino and Celentano.

In the laboratory

Subjects were two standard and most popular types of pizza – Margarita and Pepperoni. The experts made the order these dishes with cheese and without all of the pizzerias, and then sent to a certified laboratory for weighing.

Experts focused on the actual content of the cheese in each dish, because the producers choose the recipe and weight of the product. In addition, the quality of the cheese is different. From these factors and determines the cost of meals.

The research results surprised its polarity. The leader of the inspection was the international network of Domino’s Pizza – where pizza Margherita was a record 282 grams of cheese and “Pepperoni” – 194 grams (these figures are respectively 59 and 44% of the total weight of the product). This amount of cheese in the pizza adds nobody else.

The closest competitor for the company was the Mamamia network. The products this company the cheese was almost 100 grams less in each case (186 and 105 grams respectively, 37% and 18% of the total weight of the dish).

Graze back just three networks – Mafia, Il Molino and Celentano. They have the pizza “Margarita” cheese turned out to be five times less (55, 50, and 59 grams, respectively, 19, 17, and 18% of the total weight of the pizza).

With “Pepperoni” fared a little better, but still not indicators of a leader very far.

The others showed similar results – the average cheese pizza has been two to three times less compared to the dishes of the leader.

In the end

Many of the manufacturers of pizza still have much to learn – they are now much lose an international network of Domino’s Pizza, including the “price-quantity”. But every year the institutions of this type are becoming more and competition is a good incentive for companies to improve and make their product better for consumers.

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