Russian spy ship passes along the American coast

Russian intelligence ship reappeared off the Eastern coast of the United States, passing just 20 miles South of the U.S. submarine base kings Bay, Georgia, and heading North.

CBS News correspondent David Martin (David Martin) reports that “Victor Leonov” (NATO classification this is a auxiliary ship gather General intelligence) in mid-April, should call at the port of Jamaica. American experts suggest that before leaving for Jamaica he will be back and forth along the East coast.

“Leonov” made a similar voyage along the East coast in February, passing near the naval base of the USA in Virginia and naval submarine base new London in Connecticut, which in the Navy is called the “home of the submarine fleet”.

During the February patrolling off the East coast the ship was not approaching the shore nearer 17 miles, staying in international waters, said Martin.

Voyage “Leonov” was another milestone in a series of disturbing incidents involving the Russian military. In February a group of Russian aircraft at low level flight passed over us destroyer in the Black sea, and the United States accused Russia that she secretly places a cruise missile, acting in violation of an important Treaty to control arms.

During the February campaign, “Leonova” the chief correspondent of CBS News White house major Garrett (Major Garrett) President asked trump about these incidents at a press conference, which was broadcast across the country live.

Trump said it was “not good”, but stressed that these provocations are hardly a test of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I think Putin thinks that he will not be able to deal with me, because from a political point of view to agree — this is an unpopular move by the policy. It would be much easier tough with Russia, but we will not be able to make a deal with them,” said trump.

At the same press conference, the President said: “the Best thing I could do is to sink the ship just 30 miles from the coast.” However, he refused to talk about the real response to these provocations.

The length of the “Viktor Leonov” about 100 meters and it was built specifically for intelligence purposes. Modern reconnaissance equipment of the ship can intercept the radar signals, radio and other electronic means.

The Director of the Institute of marine potential of Russia (Russian Maritime Studies Institute) Michael Petersen (Michael Petersen) doubts that this ship may in large volumes to collect sensitive information.

“When we know what the ship is suitable in the reach of his instruments, we are unlikely to become a radio or radar waves, as well as other electron radiation it can intercept,” he told Petersen in a CBS This Morning program.

Russian ships often carried out Hiking in the intelligence field near American waters. “Viktor Leonov” and had passed along the Atlantic coast of the United States in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, he also came into the port of Havana, when the first high-level delegation made a historic visit to Cuba.

“We know that they do,’ said Petersen. And they know we know they do it.”