The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japan): opinions about the idea of expanding the G7 split, an anti-Chinese coalition is also under question

The international community cannot reach a consensus about the expansion of the structure G7. Donald trump, the President of the United States who preside over the summit in 2020, revealed the expansion project G7 through the invitation of the four countries, including Russia, but the Kremlin maintains a cautious position, while the UK and other countries against. The American leader also wants to use the summit to form a coalition against China with whom the US is in confrontation on the issue of Hong Kong and the new coronavirus, but on this issue, many also remain cautious.

30 may President, trump announced the postponement of the summit, which was held in Washington in late June for September, noting: “the Group can turn into a G10 or G11”. He informed about a possible invitation to Russia, South Korea, Australia and India.

June 1, the US President held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He expressed his intention to invite Russia to the summit. The reaction of the Russian leader is unknown, but the press Secretary of administration of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov has taken a cautious approach about participation.

And earlier, when trump offered to restore Russia to the group, Peskov said that without China and India, the discussion will not be effective, of greater importance he attached to the summit of “Big twenty”.

The Kremlin refers to participation with caution due to the fact that the United States at the meeting expect to create an anti-China coalition. Commenting on the extension of G7, trump, on the one hand, said: “G7 doesn’t represent the world adequately. This is an outdated group”, but he seeks to expand the structure to discuss measures against China.

Between the US and China once again escalated the confrontation over trade and the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. Trump has accused the world health organization (who) as Pro-China position and expressed a desire to withdraw from the organization. He also opposes the law on national security that will enable China to strengthen control over Hong Kong. The US President announced the beginning of the procedure of cancellation of privileges for Hong Kong.

South Korea, Australia and India play an important role in U.S. Strategy in the Indo-Pacific region, the purpose of which is opposition to the Chinese idea of “One belt, one road”. Commenting on the invitation trump, the President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In said: “I’ll gladly accept it. South Korea wants to play an active role from the point of view of economy and control of the epidemic”.

Meanwhile, Seoul was in a difficult situation. In the field of trade depends on China. South Korea wants to avoid worsening relations with Beijing in light of the restoration of the economy, seriously affected by the new coronavirus. The head of China XI Jinping plans to visit South Korea this year, and moon Jae-In stressed that “the visit of the Chinese leader’s most important thing.”

The reason strife is not limited to only Chinese-American problem. In 2014, the G7 announced a unilateral annexation of Crimea by Russia and expelled her from the club. Press Secretary of the British Prime Minister said: “the chair may invite someone as a guest, but I do not support Russia’s recovery in the group”.

“Russia was excluded from G8 after he invaded Crimea a few years ago. She continues to defy international rules and norms, so she remains and will remain outside the group”, — said the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.