Anita Lutsenko told how to get rid of fat in 14 days

Fitness coach Anita Lutsenko engaged and tells its subscribers in Instagram, to get rid of fat layers is possible in two weeks, if you keep the right lifestyle.

“No matter how abused and accused of carbohydrates into excess weight, I still remain true to my belief that the main cause of fat on the sides and legs, as well as the cheeks and back, the knees and shins is a lot of bad fat in the diet!” – said the coach.

In the social network it has offered its subscribers to stay 14 days according to its rules “for yourself and your body.” Anita is painted, you can use these days and what to exclude.

“From fat: olive oil (2 tbsp per day), flax seeds or Chia (1 tsp), avocado (half max for the day), the yolk in the egg, the fat in meat, chicken, fish, cheese 5% (150 g /day) , kefir 1-2,5 % (1 Cup/day) , butter 82% (10 g per day), 15% sour cream (1 tbsp/day) cheese 18-50 % (not more than 50 g per day of any), nuts (30 g per day), sunflower oil -1 tbsp/day (1 day)”, – Lutsenko told.

She also wrote a list of banned products, including mayonnaise, margarine, spreads, peanut butter, confectionery fat in the cookies, chocolates, cakes, pastries, pies, crackers, fat in the popcorn, salted nuts and chips, liquor type, Baileys, breading, French fries, tempura, belyashi, sausage, bacon, chips, crackers fried, a lot of sunflower oil especially when frying, chicken skin, pork, milk chocolate, sweet cheese in chocolate, sweet mass.

“Eat nicely, chewing food 10 times in your mouth at least. Swallow is already mush, not chunks. Eat 3 times a day at least,” said Anita.

In addition to proper nutrition, it should also actively engage in sports: “Every day +1 to the previous exercise! 6 PCs succeed on the first week and new 6 PCs the second. Sunday-day off from training”, she wrote and promised to publish in social networks exercise videos.

At the end of the post Lutsenko also pointed out the option menu for the day: “Breakfast: scrambled eggs+ veggies+ bread! Lunch: soup+ bread+ chicken+ salad! Supper: cooked vegetables + fish or meat.
Snack: crackers with cheese and tomato or yogurt + fruit”.

Later, she also published the first video with a proper exercise for butt and abs.

Day 1 #14днейобезжиривания Fat is a very important thing! The fat hair smooth, supple and beautiful skin, and the nervous system is stable)) Fat is good ( listed earlier) and bad