The U.S. is ready to resolve the problem of North Korea without China – tramp

The US President Donald trump said that the United States themselves “sorted out” with a nuclear threat from North Korea – with or without the help of China. This is the BBC, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“If China is not going to deal with North Korea, then we will. I’m telling you this,” said trump.

To the question whether he thinks that the US can handle ourselves here, trump said: “absolutely”.
Trump made a statement on the eve of a planned visit to U.S. Chinese President XI Tszinpina later this week.

“China has a big influence on North Korea. And China, or decide to help us with North Korea or not. And if they decide to help, it will be very good for China, and if not – it will not be good for anybody,” said trump.

“I have nothing more to say. Quite”, he added, refusing to reply to specifying question of the journalist on this topic.

He never explained exactly how he was going to “deal” with Pyongyang.

Earlier, Donald trump has criticized the actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. “He (Kim Jong-UN – Ed.) behaves very, very badly,” he said, as reported, the President of the United States.