As the journalists of “Today” went to work in Antarctica

On Saturday, the first of April, to the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky” went 22-th expedition, consisting of our scientists. For the first time in history they will be accompanied by journalists. Ventured into is a film crew of the program “Today” television channel “Ukraine”. We learned what the road ahead will be brave colleagues and what they will do on the edge of the world.

TO THE POLE THROUGH ROME. Our station is located at the Antarctic Peninsula, on the island of Galindez. Initially the “Academician Vernadsky” was called “Faraday” and belonged to the UK, but in 1996 it was transferred to Ukraine. Since then, every year to the “Vernadsky” go Ukrainian scientists — biologists, geologists and meteorologists. The Director of the National Antarctic scientific center Valeriy Litvinov explains why it is so important to this expedition: “Antarctica — the pantry of the future for mankind. There are resources, minerals, gas hydrates — Enough, as they say, at all!”. This year the expedition to the mainland ice consists of 12 scientists who will stay at the station a little over a year. They are accompanied by journalist Alexander Makhov and the cameraman Ruslan Couzigou. They will observe the work of the station for three weeks.

The explorers journey began at the airport “Borispol”, where they flew to Rome. On the course — the capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and one of the southernmost cities in the world, Ushuaia. From there, the expedition will sail on the ship to Antarctica, to our station.

A BOOK, A TOWEL AND A FLAG. According to the operator Kushhova, technology with him he takes a lot: “for Example, the GoPro camera I’m going to remove under water”. Mach says that in most cases of shooting Antarctica is or footage from the personal archives of the explorers, or scientific films about the continent. “We want to pay more attention to our Ukrainian polar explorers, that the conditions in which they work and what they do,” he says.

The journalists went on an expedition not with empty hands — the explorers will give insulated cups and a secret gift from the project “Ranok z with Ukraine”. Honored artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Telizhenko gave scientists a specially embroidered towel, and we — the book “Walks in the Kiev newspaper “Today” to the Kiev station was a bit of heat. Gift sent and students of one of capital high schools. “Patience, courage, that you stayed there!”, — students write on the flag of Ukraine, which should become the mascot of polar explorers.

5 questions before the expedition

Alexander Makhov: “you carry With you the cream from the wind, rain cover and memory card”

“Today” asked the correspondent of TV channel “Ukraine” Alexander Mahova five questions before a distant trip.

— How Antarctica is presented to you now, before the trip? Describe her in three words and three facts.

— If the three words, “distant, dangerous, alluring”. In Antarctica recorded the lowest temperature on the planet is 89 degrees below zero. In Antarctica there are no trees. In Antarctica no permanent population, in fact it is the only uninhabited continent on the planet (not counting the migrating polar). So it won’t be easy — that’s for sure.

— That Antarctica was scary, worrying you the most?

— To cross the Drake passage on the way to Antarctica. This is the place where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, is considered one of the most dangerous on the planet. Constantly raging winds of more than 35 meters per second and wave height of 15 meters were not uncommon.

— That Antarctica was the most interesting?

— The ability to know the nature of in fact as what it was on the southern continent many thousands of years ago. To finally see penguins in the pool of the zoo and in their natural habitat.

— Name five things without which a trip to Antarctica impossible?

— First of all, it’s a lot of protective cream against cold and wind, and rain gear (to get it on the deck of a ship at sea), sunglasses with UV protection. And a lot of batteries for equipment and a lot of memory cards for the footage.

— What is the most incredible you want to do during your stay in Antarctica?

— My dream is to write stand-up at the South pole of the planet and travel around the world, beating around him (laughs).

P. S. After Alexander returns from a trip, we will ask him these same questions and know whether to change his attitude towards Antarctica and all of it was conceived to embody.