Doctors called the main danger sushi

The growing popularity of sushi in Western countries stimulates the growth of parasitic infections. It found the Portuguese and gastroenterology published a study in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

As an example, they cited one of the clinical cases: to the doctors with a fever, which lasted for weeks and pain in the epigastric region and vomiting, I addressed 32-the summer man. The blood test showed the presence in the body of the inflammatory process.

It is noted that the original cause of the ailments was unclear, however, after the man reported that recently, before the appearance of these symptoms, he ate sushi, doctors have suspected him anisakis — a parasitic disease caused by larvae of nematodes of the family Anisakidae within the human body along with raw or salted sea fish.

During endoscopic examination, the scientists found on the inflamed area of the inner wall of the stomach men attached to it, the grub worm is a parasite. After removal of nematodes of the patient’s condition is normalized.

The authors called upon their fellow physicians to pay attention to the typical symptoms of anisakidae and carefully select and prepare fish for eating.