Trump: get out of the scandal

On Friday, March 31, President trump began his 11 weeks in office in crisis mode, because all his plans may be under threat due to growing number of questions regarding the behavior of the White house in the investigation of possible ties between members of the team trump with Russia. The President himself called the investigation a “witch hunt”.

Trump and his top advisers spent almost this entire day on defensive positions, defending himself against new allegations that senior administration officials may have acted improperly in the investigation of the house Committee on intelligence, which deals with the verification of data on Moscow’s intervention in the American elections and possible links between campaign headquarters, trump and Russian officials.

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) spoke in favor of the three senior advisors of the White house, which, as reported, helped organize the visit of the Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes) to the White house for acquaintance with classified intelligence documents.

“What we did, what he saw and who he met, it was 100 percent relevant,” said Spicer on Núñez.

Later Nunez reported on the results of inspection of documents to the President and has publicly stated that, as can be seen from these documents, the advisors trump “accidentally” became objects of surveillance by the American intelligence community. After that, trump said that he feels “somewhat” rehabilitated to its unproven accusations that President Barack Obama gave the order to bug his conversations.

However, on Friday, March 31, trump again intervened in the controversy, writing on Twitter that he supports the request of his former adviser on national security issues Michael Flynn (Michael T. Flynn) to provide that immunity from prosecution in exchange for agreeing to testify in the investigation.

“This is a witch hunt (or attempt to make excuses for the defeat in the elections), which are the media and the Democrats,” trump wrote.

According to Spicer, the White house is not worried about what Flynn may disclose any compromising information, despite the fact that in February, trump fired him because of allegations that he misled senior administration officials, including Vice-President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) relative to their contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

A member of the house of representatives and a member of the Committee on intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff (Adam B. Schiff) said that the attempts of the official in charge of national security, to immunity is “an important step that will have serious consequences.”

According to Schiff, the severity and extent of investigation, increasing every day and the Committee have yet to do “a lot of work to listen to a lot of witnesses and to see a variety of documents” before any witness can claim immunity.

For the White house Friday was another hectic day, during which all his attempts to regain control over the course of the political rhetoric — this time by two Executive decrees related to trade — have been relegated to the background.

Assistants trump demonstrated the increasing dissatisfaction with their inability to control the rhetoric in Washington after just two months after joining trump as President. And amid growing concerns over frequent trips trump at his estate in palm beach for the weekend and his Golf games, his advisers said this weekend the President will remain in Washington to hold several meetings in the White house.

Trump needs to undertake serious training, because next week he is expected to meet with three foreign leaders: Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi (Abdel Fatah al-Sissi), Jordan’s king Abdullah II and President of China XI Jinping (Xi Jinping).

In many ways the first weeks of the presidency, trump is very reminiscent of a tech startup. In the West wing, according to a White house official, every crisis and failure, including far from ideal implementation of the migration decree the trump and the failure of the Republican health care programs are viewed as an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience to understand what will work and what isn’t, and who are the members of the administration are able to work under pressure and who is not.

Thursday, March 30, the administration announced the first major changes in its ranks: Deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh (Katie Walsh) left office to become leader of a political group that supports the President’s program.

According to the official explanation, after the failure of health programs Walsh has realized that she can bring to the White house more useful if working outside, helping petranovskaya political group to promote the idea of the President.

However, Walsh is one of the few women in the West wing — never a particularly good fit to the administration trump. As a long-time confidant of the head of the administration of the Raines of Primus (Reince Priebus), who was Chairman of the national Committee of the Republican party, Walsh treated Trump with some skepticism for almost the entire campaign. In turn, the Trustees of trump is also treated her with suspicion, because we believed that she was the one leaking information to the press.

The white house has taken a rather unusual step: several councilors had gathered a small group of reporters to persuade them that Walsh was not fired and that she had left the administration voluntarily.

By Thursday, March 30, senior administration officials tried to deny messages coming from questionable sources, that Rick Dearborn (Dearborn Rick), Deputy head of the administration for legislation, too, may leave his post. A possible candidate for this position has been named David urban (David Urban), who worked as chief of staff of Senator Arlen specter (Arlen Specter) and helped lead the campaign trump in Pennsylvania. The name Urbana is often trotted out in times of confusion: earlier it was called the likely successor to Primus.

Three White house official insisted that Dearborn will not leave his post, and cliff Sims (Cliff Sims), the assistant administration of public Affairs, sharply criticized the media on Twitter: “brace yourself… And look for more reliable sources,” he wrote.

However, the investigation into possible ties with Russia continued to dominate the rhetoric in Washington, forcing the White house to take a defensive position.

Amid new reports of relations and contacts of the team trump with Russian officials during the election campaign and during the transition period, the White house tried in some way to dissociate itself from certain members of the crew of the tramp.

However, the news that three senior officials of the White house, including the leading lawyer of the national security Council involved in the transfer of materials consulted núñez, has sparked new questions about the conduct of members of the President’s team.

“It’s shocking — said Michael McFaul (Michael McFaul), who was the U.S. Ambassador to Russia under the Obama administration. — I work in the White house. I worked for the national security Council… But I never told the congressmen about anything like that, and I didn’t know a single person who did it while I worked there”.

Spicer rejected the reports that núñez have unlimited access to the territory of the White house, including the headquarters of the national security Council in the Eisenhower building.

“Yes, a member of Congress has the full right to contact with those who are in contact with him, Spicer said, referring to the reports that núñez decided to meet with his source from the White house to see documents in a secure environment. — As Chairman of the Committee, núñez was not hiding. His source asked him to come here. And he came — it happens every day”.