What to do if neighbors are not allowed in the apartment maintenance to eliminate the cause of dampness in the bathroom

“At some time in the bathroom ceiling and walls near the sewer riser started to sweat. The plumbing of the housing Department inspected the risers on all floors of the entrance and found the reason: the neighbors on the floor above the old cast iron riser is formed a cavity (cavity). Through it constantly leaks water accumulating on the slab. The housing office is ready to carry out repairs, but neighbors say they will not let the repairmen in the apartment (“It’s necessary to break a tile, we don’t want”). As a legitimate way to ensure that the repair did?” — Andrew M.

Meets Cyril Bobrovnya, leading specialist of “Occurrence”:

“The consumer is obliged to provide network access, the valve, housing means accounting, distribution systems, representative of the contractor in the presence of the corresponding license: for liquidation of accidents round the clock; installation and replacement of sanitary technical and engineering equipment maintenance and preventive inspection, etc.

By the contractor for carrying out maintenance is a service organization for the maintenance of the house and local area, which should contribute to the speedy repair of these damages and to inform the residents of their duties and responsibilities. In case of disagreement, tenant’s employees housing Department is made defective act in the presence of at least two neighbors of an intruder. Further serves the organization of this house sends a claim to the court, and then repair work are carried out for compulsion, and the defendant undertakes to indemnify the neighbour from below — on the basis of the decision of the court and under the supervision of the Executive service. It is the responsibility of the tenant, in whose apartment happened emergency situation, for his unwillingness to provide access. If the court case comes and repairs are carried out as expected, the damage to the downstairs neighbor will reimburse the service organization. As a rule, everything is solved peacefully.”