TOP 5 myths about healthy eating: tips dietitian

A healthy lifestyle implies a transition to a healthy diet. But there are so many different trends, designed supposedly for painless weight loss and the use of various new-fangled products that can even harm.

Well-known nutritionist, author of books about nutrition and the nutritionist developing the power system for Hollywood celebrities Pooja Makhija denied the most popular myths about healthy diet, reports the New time.

1.Carbohydrates are harmful for the figure

There is a perception that carbs – the enemy of our figure and the reason for the appearance of excess weight. However, it is not so. For the figure no bad carbohydrates, and their number, as well as the products that we consciously make every day. Specialist insists that the carbohydrates we need for energy. In particular, the consumption of food of the human diet carbohydrates should be 50-60%.

“If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, you will not be able to control the appetite and will to eat more food to make up for the lack of carbohydrates,” says Makhija.

2.Superfoods – the best choice for health

Such a thing as a “”super “” that has become so popular these days, actually has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. If you add to your diet quinoa, or spend a fortune on real saffron, but will continue to regularly order a pizza, you are unlikely to lose weight – and that’s a fact, says the nutritionist.

She also insists that it is not necessary to eat “Superfoods” in order to be healthy and slim.

“The main diet should consist of foods that are available in your country. If you have the opportunity to eat a ripe pineapple, fresh strawberries or some other exotic, “”super “” go ahead, but should not substitute their seasonal local vegetables, fruits and herbs,” says Puja.

3.We need a detox

“This is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard,” says Makhija. She is convinced that the mechanism of the body is so amazing and coped, she didn’t need a special detox – it occurs naturally.

In turn, extreme detox, conversely, to do harm to our health, to affect the natural processes of the body and even to deprive of the crucial nutrients.

“If you eat right, your body will daily carry out a detox in itself” – sums it.

4.We need to make time for consumption of fruit

There is a perception that the fruits can be eaten only at certain times. However, there is no perfect time for a healthy diet. Fruits can you eat on an empty stomach, before or after a meal, lunch or dinner, because our digestive system is always ready to absorb the nutrients from fruits – irrespective of the time when we decided to eat them. Of course, you should avoid eating fruits as well as their use just before bedtime, but other recommendations for fruit to be sniffed at.

“If you want to lose weight, the fruit can help you in the fight against hunger. Just eat a little fruit before the main meal, and you will be able to prevent overeating fiber and water in fruits will allow you to eat much less,” says Makhija.

5.Sweet tooth can not without the sweet

“Sweet does not exist” – says a nutritionist adding that sweet tooth we make a caloric deficit. You need to eat the right foods at the right time – it will negate the use of harmful products that we “offended”, losing control when you feel hunger.

“I often hear from my clients “I have a sweet tooth and can’t live without sweets.” But I believe that the desire to eat dessert or chocolate occurs when the main meal was wrong. If for lunch you have not eaten enough carbs, you feel the urge to finish the meal with a piece of chocolate or cake. Make your diet varied and balanced, and you wonder how you will automatically lose your cravings for sweets,” – said the expert.