Onishchenko about the detention of the mother: She’s out already

MP Oleksandr Onishchenko said that his mother Inessa Kadyrov, who was detained in Spain at the request of NABOO, is already on the loose, reports Radio Liberty.

“NABU invited us to talk to Spain to talk to. We wanted to meet. And they themselves arranged the trap at the airport. It’s out already. She was detained, brought to the Spanish court, and the court freed her,” − said Onishchenko during a telephone conversation with journalists.

The MP noted that the court released his mother without collateral and it can leave Spain.

Onishchenko also said that he and his mother are still in Spain.

Thus, in National anti-corruption Bureau (EMB) do not have official information about that, if released to liberty Kadyrov.

“No official information about that released it or not, we have. We are waiting for the official information. As soon as it appears, will definitely make it,” − said the press Secretary of NABOO Darya Manzhura.

She also reported that on March 31, 17.20 received a Fax from the Department of Interpol and Europol, in which the detective reported that “March 30, 2017 in the Kingdom of Spain detained a citizen of Ukraine, Kadyrov Inessa, which wanted NABOO to criminal responsibility”.

“No hint of a political element of persecution in this case is not” − said in NABOO.

Earlier it was reported that a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office takes measures for extradition detained in Spain mother Onishchenko. Innes Kadyrov is one of the co-organizers of the so-called “gas scheme” and was reported missing in August 2016.