The scandal with e-declarations and “Yanukovych’s debt”: milestones of the week

Next week will mark two years since, as the Ukrainian-Polish relations began to deteriorate. Then, in April 2015, the Parliament adopted the law on the glorification of the UPA, to which the neighbors are extremely negative. Yes, and did it the same day when the Ukrainian Parliament was made by Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski. Since then the situation has continued to accumulate and by the decision of the Polish Sejm on the recognition of the Volyn massacre in 1943, a genocide of poles, and various anti-Polish actions in Ukraine, and — on the contrary — the anti-Ukrainian actions in Poland.

The second anniversary of the start of confrontation under the relations of the two countries and even planted a bomb. More specifically the projectile from a grenade launcher shot at the building of the Polish Consulate in Lutsk. The poles suspended the activities of all their consulates in Ukraine, but did not accompany their actions with accusations against the state as a whole. Tried to extinguish the conflict and the Ukrainian authorities. SBU is hot on the trail said about the “Russian trace”, and yesterday announced the award of 25 thousand hryvnias to the one who will give information about Lutsk terrorists. These ads give when they want to find the real criminals and not to escape political statements.

Unknown shot from a grenade launcher. Their capture announced a reward of 25 000 UAH

To find the terrorists, preferably fast, since already at the beginning of April the Sejm will convene, and there is the theme of Volyn shot will be one of the key. And the time to do that Ukrainian law enforcement officers, depends on the tone of the declarations to be adopted by the Polish Parliament.

YANUKOVYCH’S DEBT. Another Ukrainian scandal of the week occurred in London, where the court considered the claim of Moscow to Kiev on the famous “debt of Yanukovych” in a $3 billion, which was taken in December 2013. Ukraine served this duty until December of 2015, i.e. until the date of payment, and then refused to pay. And Russia has filed a lawsuit in a London court.
The British Themis has decided to expedite its consideration of the question by rejecting the arguments of Ukraine on the political pressure of Russia, as political issues are not subject to review in the courts. The decision was made on Wednesday, but the act is not yet start, since Ukraine has appealed. Prospects in a London court, we have vague. If the result will be not in our favor, following the decision to pay $3 billion (and it is possible that, with interest, and more than half a million dollars for each day of delay) there will be talks about how and when to pay them. This amount is huge, and some experts exaggerate that the payment could threaten the country with default, but that’s not the question today, so seriously about it, no one thinks.

E-THE SCANDAL IS NUMBER 3. Has not done without scandal and in Ukraine. Today is the last day of submission of electronic declarations for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian officials. But the site, which they must lay out the information for several days. A number of NGOs issued a statement in which he called the culprit is the national Agency for the fight against corruption and demanded from the government to dismiss its Chairman Natalia Korchak.

However, this is not possible. The law on NACP virtually no grounds on which its management may be dismissed. According to Korczak, the site e-declarations works “on input”, i.e. filling out forms can not only see them as “external” part of the site are disabled to reduce server load. Like it or not, will see tomorrow, when the campaign e-Declaration for officials will end.

EUROVISION IS NOT TAKEN AWAY. Another scandal of the week could break out around Eurovision, but turned into a slight shock. On Wednesday, the Swiss media reported that due to the inadmissibility of the Russian participants of the contest Yulia Samoilova we have either taken away Eurovision, or prohibit the participation of Ukrainian artist. But yesterday, the organizers of the competition said that they are actually unhappy with the situation Samoilova and negotiate about it with the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, but the sanctions it is not. What is clearly very pleased the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko, who starred in the acclaimed presentation video, and really wants to see this movie saw the whole of Europe.

END THE BLOCKADE OF “SBERBANK”. And another scandal this week went out. On Monday it became known that “Sberbank of Russia” sold its subsidiary Bank in Ukraine, Latvian and Belarusian owners. However, when it became known that the companies from Latvia and Belarus, too, are former or current Russians, but the main argument — that the Bank operates in the country-an aggressor — was withdrawn. And with him was the lifting of the siege, which gave “Sberbank” radicals.

Now, it seems, the same path was going to go VTB. On Wednesday there was a message that he was going to sell his “daughter” in June.

AREA of GUAM. And finally, a small, but positive. On Monday in Kyiv the signing of the Agreement on free trade zone of the countries of the organization for the GUAM — Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Will the new FTA real or is it just a temporary political project, is still unknown. But if she did begin to act for Ukrainian goods can be opened from three markets. Small in terms of population and purchasing power, but close.

In turn, Ukraine is waiting for the flow of Moldovan wines and cognacs, Georgian wines, cognac and Mandarin oranges, Azerbaijani wines, cognac and pomegranates. And, most importantly, the Azerbaijani oil.