Russia fortificare Kunashir

On March 29, the newspaper “Sankei” received from a private source image a new military base, which Russia is building on the island of Kunashir. The photos show that the island is a construction of residential houses for officers and training grounds. It is obvious that Russia is rapidly fortificare “Northern territories”. Confirmed the information that the armories are the latest anti-ship missile “Bal”.

In Russia, almost nothing has been reported about the construction of military bases in “Northern territories”.

As for then, there is the expansion of existing military facilities. Rapidly developing infrastructure such as water and heating. Built armories, barracks and so on. The photographs show several coastal missile complexes “Ball” with the established of eight missiles.


On Kunashir and Iturup placed 18th machine gun-artillery division, the number of which is expected to last for about 3,500 people. New military bases are being built and Iturup. Plans to build on the two Islands 392 military targets. It became known that in November of last year on Kunashir were deployed complexes “Ball”, range which is 130 kilometers. Iturup — the “Bastions” with a range of 300 kilometers.

After the Russian-Japanese summit held in December last year, the parties started to discuss a joint economic activity on “Northern territories”. Despite this, the Putin administration did not soften its stance on the territorial issue. The goal of strengthening the military power of the South Kuril Islands is to put pressure on Japan. In addition, Russia is strengthening the defense of the Okhotsk sea, which is patrolled by nuclear submarines, armed with ballistic missiles.

The Japanese government immediately protested, after it became known about the deployment of Russian troops, anti-ship missiles on the “Northern territories” in November last year. It also expressed its concern during the meeting of Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs (“2+2”), which was held March 20. As for the construction of houses for officers and other military infrastructure, Japan also unacceptable is the strengthening of the military presence in the Northern territories, the sovereignty of which belongs to Japan.

Preparing for the Prime Minister’s visit to Russia, which will be held on April 27

It became known that the governments of Russia and Japan are preparing for the visit of Prime Minister Abe to Russia. It is expected that the Japanese leader will be in Russia on April 27 and 28. Perhaps he will visit such cities as Moscow and Putin’s native city — St. Petersburg.

For Prime Minister Abe, this meeting with President Putin will be the 17th in a row. It is expected that the parties will discuss joint activity on “Northern territories” and free access to the South Kuril Islands the indigenous inhabitants of the Islands, the presidents of both countries agreed in December last year.

On 27 and 28 April this — week-days, during which the Japanese Parliament plans to discuss amendments to the law on organized crime, and has yet to make a final decision on the program of the visit of the Prime Minister Abe.