The life of a hard night owls: why is it bad to go to bed too late

Reading a very interesting book, noisy party or regular get-togethers with friends until late at night the reason for a late bedtime.

It turns out that the strange feeling also occur other changes in the body, found British doctors.

About it reports the New time with reference to the Huffington Post, and described the reasons why you need to go to bed early.

1. Memory and reaction.

After a nearly sleepless night, the brain begins to suffer, so it becomes much harder to remember new information, and to reproduce the old. Moreover, it becomes harder to make decisions.

2. You’re more likely to catch a cold.

When lack of sleep begins to suffer immune system, so much easier to catch the virus.

3. It’s hard to focus.

Any work requires concentration, which suffers from insufficient rest. Accordingly, in this case decreases the productivity suffers and the end result.

4. Reduced libido.

Fatigue and sleepiness did not inspire lovemaking. Also, in this state, women are harder to treat.

5. You are more prone to quarrels.

Drowsiness and fatigue are also cause a strong irritation that may lead to a quarrel, provoked by trifles.