Maundy Thursday in 2017: what day is celebrated

This year Thursday of Holy week that commemorate the last supper where Jesus Christ established the sacrament of the Eucharist and made the ablution of the feet of the disciples, is celebrated on 13 April.

To clean Thursday was timed cleansing rituals and customs that affect human and his health, food, utensils and shelter.

Most of them are aimed at cleansing, along with the soul before Easter it was necessary to cleanse the body and the surrounding space.

On this day people bathe and wash. It was also believed that if a vessel of water put on the night of the silver thing, and in the morning wash with this water, can not be afraid of the evil eye.

In order to protect your home, there was also a separate ceremony. This morning, went to Church, took a candle and burned it on the lintel of the doorway and window frames in the house crosses. Also fumigated the living quarters of juniper sprigs, bypassed all the rooms and the house in a circle with the icon and prayer.

It is worth noting that the house was cleaned in Net Thursday after he did not be removed until Easter.

There is also an interesting ritual that the house had money. For this it is necessary for Maundy Thursday three times to count all the money that is in the house, then the money this year will not be translated.