In the Parliament want to partially ban abortion in Ukraine

In the Ukrainian Parliament registered a bill to ban partial abortion. The author of the document — people’s Deputy from BPP Dmitry Golubov — quoted statistic that completely prohibited abortions only in four countries. The MP adds that giving women to decide for themselves the issue of abortion, most States have not considered the human right to parenthood.

“Meanwhile, the international organizations are in the position that free abortion is a violation of the rights of the child to life,” he said.

In the explanatory note to the bill also refers to the fact that free abortion lead to the development of criminal business that preys on stem cells.

The parliamentarian proposes to exclude from the legislation the norm that every woman has the right to an abortion, if the pregnancy does not exceed 12 weeks.

Allow Golubov wants abortion only in three cases: first — if the pregnancy poses a direct threat to women’s life second — if doctors discovered fetal abnormalities, which is incompatible with the life of the child after birth. Finally, a woman will be allowed to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, if conception occurred as a result of rape.

The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik said that the document has little chance to pass the Parliament, and considers that this is an attempt to “propiaritsya” for the individual MP.

“This is contrary to the Association with the EU, and hardly the norm support. On the other hand, such sentiments are popular among the conservative part of society, and especially the radicals and right-wing forces. It is for this audience and “plays” bill,” he says.